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  1. NATTOX 7

    GOT_7EVEN is the name

    I have finally passed 40 subs my likes and views keep going up I finally created my own discord server feel free to become a member of the GOD_GamerZ Check my YT channel
  2. NATTOX 7

    TubeBuddy Suggestion "THE TIME IS NOW"

    I think its time for TubeBuddy to step up their game,and not just let TubeBuddy be a place where you talk. I suggest you guys to create a app so TubeBuddy can also be a place where you can communicate with your fans like discord, And let it be a place where your can record your games and fans...
  3. NATTOX 7

    Subscriber Milestone More subs

    Woah!! i am at 67 subs (0 to 67 in 1 year) if you think this is good leave a comment
  4. NATTOX 7

    Question Problem

    User name: NATTOX 7 Title of thread: Problem Request Type Other Explain your issue: The TubeBuddy button is not on my youtube page anymore and i dont know whats the problem.
  5. NATTOX 7

    YouTube Help My phone isnt working

    What should I do? comment or vote what u think I do.
  6. NATTOX 7

    YouTube Help How to to get a silver play button

    How much subscribers or views do u need ?
  7. NATTOX 7

    YouTube News Messages going away

    I have heard that the youtube "chat" feature is going away
  8. NATTOX 7

    Im at 300 kills (BattleLandsRoyale).

    Is my most trending video,check it out and make sure to subscribe and like please
  9. NATTOX 7

    Channel Milestone thank you for the certificate tubebuddy

    I have completed 1 milestone which is to get 600 views overall on my channel
  10. NATTOX 7

    Gaming Channel hello fellow tubemates im new to the community

    User name: NATTOX 7 Title of introduction: hello fellow tubemates im new to the community and im a 14yrs old boy who decided to start a youtube channel and i have 53 subs TubeBuddy has helped me improve my channel so i decided to become a member and join to help u guys Your name/ Alias: NATTOX...