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  1. JJisawesome25698

    Subscriber Milestone 70 subscribers

    It's been a while, a long while, but I managed it
  2. JJisawesome25698

    YouTube SEO Is there anything else I can do/add?

    Hey guys, as the title suggests, I am wondering is there anything else I can do to get my video seen? Anywhere to promote it? So far I have: Found keywords rated between 60 and 80 to use, used those keywords in the title, description and tags and uploaded a custom thumbnail. What else could I...
  3. JJisawesome25698

    Need Advice Making a natural sounding description full of keywords?

    Hey guys, so I was thinking, how do I put keywords in my description without making it sound really weird, and making it obvious?It's hard with the type of keywords that I use. Here is my list of keywords for my video, can somebody please help me make a good description? Thanks J My video is...
  4. JJisawesome25698

    What do you think of this thumbnail?

    Hey guys, this is my first post here. I would like to know, what do you guys think of this thumbnail and what can I do to improve it? Thanks J