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  1. EV Nick

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    Hey guys before you reply with a camera you need to understand my current setup, and what projects I film. So current gear; dji osmo plus (4k gimbal camera) with a Rode Micro Pro Zoom H6 (4 channel XLR audio) Wireless lapel Mic Wired Lapel Mic So that's my current set up as you can tell audio...
  2. EV Nick

    Need Advice Unlisted or Private?

    We all know about the secret sauce when you first public a video youtube helps your video for around 2 weeks. i have 7 paterons supporting me and currently i've been uploading privately sharing it with them 7 days before release using there login emails, this then also allows me to schedule a...
  3. EV Nick

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail should you keep brand?

    Hey all thumbnails! i've been keeping them on brand all the same theme and look However people like MrBeast and shown this type of branding doesn't get CTR rather he goes for Clickbait videos everytime theirs no brand over his brand. Am i using the wrong method? My channel has a CTR for last...
  4. EV Nick

    Technology Channel (UK) ARE YOU Interest in Electric cars?

    User name: EV Nick Title: (UK) ARE YOU Interest in Electric cars? Age: 16-30 Type of collaboration: Looking for someone who's got a younger audience base than me who's interested in electric cars and wants to film how cool they are. Amount of Subscribers: Least 2000 with good views Ways to...
  5. EV Nick

    YouTube Help TeamTree's how to get donation listed...

    Hello everyone i want to make a video to help support the TEAMTREE's project and notice a lot of the videos on this subject are listed as FUNDRAISER and also have the teamtree totals listed and youtube are also processing the payment for free to help support the cause. I make videos on electric...
  6. EV Nick

    Editing Software Video Editing Software (paid)

    I currently use Shotcut a free opensource editor and its fine and it does the job and has some really clever editing gimics HOWEVER i reckon i'd get better production value and output from a paid editor. Now I've seen Adobe is now PAID PER MONTH, also thought about apples software will it run...
  7. EV Nick

    TubeBuddy Little Holiday

    Just recently got married so i had a little break from youtube no videos or ANY social media. This din't effect my stats too much i carried on getting a steady stream of subs and views. This week was my return so i did 2 videos this week and the first one i posted ranked AMAZING for such a...
  8. EV Nick

    Subscriber Milestone 2300 AND 225,000 Views

    WOW 2 big stones all at once!
  9. EV Nick

    Hyundai Kona Electric!

    View: most interesting review i've done even if your not into cars
  10. EV Nick

    TubeBuddy Tips SHORTER video higher retention

    Now this is going to depend on you and your content. However i looked at my analytics and my general retention time of viewers what around 4:30. So this week i made a short video and got it down to 5:23 rather than 8mins I spent more time in the edit getting it just right and well look; at...
  11. EV Nick

    YouTube News Will this meet youtube guidelines?

    Got a new thumbnail for a video this week but unsure if it will flag due to the knife? There's no knifes in the video theres not killing its just the thumbnail as the subject is about other car makers trying to beat tesla
  12. EV Nick

    Subscriber Milestone 2000 subscribers!!!

    WHOOOO month over my target date but i've hit 2000 subs i can't believe I've grown my channel so quick!!!
  13. EV Nick

    YouTube News Studio and Dashboard all down?

    Anyone else?
  14. EV Nick

    TESLA going private I know who it is!

  15. EV Nick

    YouTube News Subscriber number broke?

    Getting different sub numbers and mismatching figures everywhere is anyone else noticing this, Tubebuddy YTstudio App and youtube studio website can all be wrong and my sub numbers seem to be in massive flux due to all the differences.
  16. EV Nick

    Car Show of the YEAR! Tesla Roadster & more

  17. EV Nick

    My Review of my ELECTRIC car 1 year on..

  18. EV Nick

    TubeBuddy Tips Best thing I've done to increase subs/Views

    This will only help a handful of channels but i'd like to share something i did this week which has made my channel have an explosion of views and new subs. I asked a fairly popular twitter person who's connected the the subject of my vlogs to run a guest vlog for me, i said i'd do all the...
  19. EV Nick

    guest vlog with shes electric

  20. EV Nick

    Germany Have banned Diesel!