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  1. Skeletorus

    First no commentary attempt at game play - Two Point Hospital

    Hey everyone I am starting a couple of Two Point Hospital (TPH) series and this is the first of the no commentary walk through of the first level. I will also be uploading some TPH tips videos in the coming weeks. Enjoy the video and I look forward to some feedback if you are so inclined...
  2. Skeletorus

    My second day at EGX Rezzed

    I know Rezzed was back in march but I have only just got round to editing it...oops. Catch a glimpes of my interview with N-Body Solutions about Space Station Continuum, the developer talk about Pheonix Point and my first thoughts on Hollow Point and Catastornauts View...
  3. Skeletorus

    Finally got my First day at EXGX Rezzed uploaded, indie game expo.

    Hey guys, So in mid March I went to EGX Rezzed and I have only just got round to editing the first day together. I know I am shite! But I m really happy with this video and I learned a lot about interviews, expos and just doing more stuff for YT here it is: View:
  4. Skeletorus

    Any one starting out in PUBG? Then I have some helpful tips for you noobs

    I wish I knew these tips when I started playing. I would be a much better player today. If anyone wants to leave comments on the videography then you are more than welcome. Hope you enjoy: View:
  5. Skeletorus

    Interview with N-Body Solutions about their game Space Station Continuum

    Hey guys I had another interview whilest at EGX Rezzed, this time with John from N-body Solution about his game Space Station Continuum, a hardcore space management sim that will be in Early access on steam later in the year.
  6. Skeletorus

    I managed to have a chat with some game devs at EGX Rezzed

    Hello Just wanted to show you guys the interview i did with at EGX Rezzed with Head bang Club who made Double Kick Heroes
  7. Skeletorus

    NEW INDIE GAME from dev Headbang club called Double Kick Heroes

    If you are a big fan of METAL, zombies and carnage then make sure to check this game out! It has all 3! It is a rhythm based game (for anyone who doesn't know, double kick is a drumming technique) with beautiful pixel art. I have reviewed it so give it a go:
  8. Skeletorus

    Need Advice Help me prepare for 3 days of blogging and doing interviews

    So in a couple of weeks I am heading to a gaming convention and i see it as an opportunity to get some current news related to gaming. Something I think will be highly searchable. I also have an interview with a developer which i am excited about. However, I have never done anything like this...
  9. Skeletorus

    For anyone interested in some pretty good PUBG kills.

    Literally what it says on the tin. Would love to see you guys come over though.
  10. Skeletorus


    Hey, guys let me know, below, what you think of the video. Not the content but the overall edit and thumbnail as I know I could improve both. I got myfirst Chicken dinner and I have posted it for the world to see. It only took me 350hrs of gameplay to do... btw I somehow deleted this before...
  11. Skeletorus

    This is my latest PUBG video,

    As the title suggests, this is a PUBG (PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds) video. Here I show a few of my latest funny moments. Let me know what you think and it would be great to see you subscribe and comment on my videos. just say hi and ill say hi right back :D Subscribe: