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  1. Phil

    TubeBuddy News Welcome Katie!

    Say Hello to TubeBuddy's newest team member, Katie! Katie joined TubeBuddy in early January as a Digital Content Strategist and is already having a tremendous impact. She will be in charge of all of our marketing, social media posts and brand message. We plan to become a lot more active across...
  2. Phil

    TubeBuddy News 2017 Year in Review

    Hey Gang! Back by popular demand is our Year in Review. We will announce it to everyone later this week but wanted to give you all a sneak peek. Take a look and let me know if you have any issues loading it. Thanks! Phil
  3. Phil

    Affiliate Strategies How to apply for VIP or Super Affiliate

    If you refer 50 people, you can apply to become a VIP Affiliate and if you refer 250 people who install TubeBuddy you can apply to become a Super Affiliate. VIPs earn a 40% commission with no minimum payment + 1 year FREE Star level upgrade and Super Affiliates earn a 50% commission with no...
  4. Phil

    Affiliate Question What assets (logos, banners, etc) do you need?

    We provide several images on the page but I'm curious if there are other image sizes that are standard or anything else along those lines that would help you better promote TubeBuddy?
  5. Phil

    Official Who gets credit for referrals and how is it tracked?

    In this example, we'll say your affiliate code is "Amazing" That means your affiliate link is What happens when someone clicks that link? We place a cookie on their computer saying that they were referred to from the "amazing" affiliate. This...
  6. Phil

    Official TubeBuddy Affiliate Program Changes (they're good!

    Hey Gang - most of the TubeBuddy team is made up of developers/computer programmers. We rely heavily on people like you (our Affiliates) to help market TubeBuddy and spread the word about us. We've dedicated some time and energy into boosting up our affiliate program and wanted to share the...
  7. Phil

    TubeBuddy News The TubeBuddy Preview Program (get beta access to new tools!)

    We are soon launching a new tool called "Videolytics" which is similar to "Channelytics" but for videos. It will show up on the Watch page of videos. If you would like to help beta-test this new feature, you can join our new "TubeBuddy Preview Program" here...
  8. Phil

    TubeBuddy Should we make a "TubeBuddy Network"?

    We had a "TubeBuddy Network" for a while but took it down because we wanted to focus on what we do best - and that's building tools to help creators. But, there is always an outside chance that we will create a TubeBuddy Network again, we just need a valid reason to do it. If anyone has any...
  9. Phil

    Affiliate Strategies Simple TubeBuddy trick to increase views

    You know that when you share a video with someone, you should never share just a direct link to the video, right? You should always share the video inside a playlist so that the viewer will continue seeing your content and not someone else's when the first video completes. Did you know that...