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  1. Just Lennart

    Video Review First video in english

    Thank You for your feedback. And I will definatly use your advice.
  2. Just Lennart

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    My profile and youtube tubebuddy opend Hope this was right
  3. Just Lennart

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    Just recently bought a Røde Smartlav. And I just find it so awesome. Before this I had some cheap lav, dont even know the name, but the price was under 1$. I can only recommend getting proper sound recording gear. :D
  4. Just Lennart

    Video Review First video in english

    User name: Just Lennart Title of thread: First video in english Self review: This is the first video on my new english channel. So I would really appreciate feedback, regarding Sound, is my voice too loud? Every recording is from my phone. My biggest concern is my speed and I think I was a bit...
  5. Just Lennart

    Video Review Trying to edit my videos more ...NEED Feedback

    I think the content, editing and Sound are spot on. My biggest concern though, is the lenght of it. Have You been though your analitics, to check up on how long your viewers watch the video? For me, I love stuff like this. And, I subscribed in an instant. But, I could be worried for you...
  6. Just Lennart

    Video Review Do you have any tips for making this video more interesting?

    Hey Just wstched your video. And it featured great content. How ever, I wouldnt click on it, If I came across it. First up, the title actually confused me. Im not that techy, and, honestly I have No idea on what a DJI Osmos amathing is. But if You would have called it a stabelizer, og...