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  1. Noah526

    Life Some of the Tools I Use Every Day

    I have used Canva quite often in my work, it is very handy. Only you have to buy the pro version, then it's much better.
  2. Noah526

    Gaming what games does everyone enjoy playing?

    I like action and strategy games. Games where you have to think and also games where you can have fun.
  3. Noah526

    Life Work

    I work from home, I am a programmer. I get tired of my job, but the only upside is that I can work from home.
  4. Noah526

    Other how is everyone day going?

    My day goes pretty boring. In the morning I work, and in the evening I watch a movie.
  5. Noah526

    Gaming What is your favorite type of video games?

    Well, probably most of all I like strategy and action games. And in general any genre of games that you can play with friends. After all, with friends, any genre of games will be interesting.
  6. Noah526

    Opinion Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

    I wish I was always hot. Of course, in some situations, it's awful, when you're riding in transportation or standing in line. But you can cool off when you're swimming in a river or in the ocean.
  7. Noah526

    Movies/TV movie recommendations?

    My favorite movie is Harry Potter, with all its parts. Even though it's pretty old, but still not all people have seen it, I think that every person should see such a movie. Although surprisingly not all my friends like it.
  8. Noah526

    Gaming Favorite Mobile Games

    I love playing a game called Last Day on Earth. I could play it for hours on end. Probably the best mobile game I've ever seen.