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  1. Dr_BoomStick

    Need Advice Why is my views dropping

    i think its a lag with youtube im 100% sure about that but my views always update a day or 2 later
  2. Dr_BoomStick

    YouTube Question What do people think about hiding your subscriber count?

    if i dont see a sub count i dont click because to me and my mind ... its a shady channel!
  3. Dr_BoomStick

    Channel Milestone 75,000 Views wow just wow!

    I never thought in the 30+ years ive been around that id ever have something i created viewed 75,000 time im still amazed about it!
  4. Dr_BoomStick

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    i use shotcut my self i can not recommend it because it crashes A LOT!
  5. Dr_BoomStick

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    i always save my completed vids .. you never know what could happen to your channel which is a big concern for me . while if i lost my channel id be devastated but at least id have the content to put back up on another channel and i keep mine on a HDD
  6. Dr_BoomStick

    YouTube Question 100 sub In many days?

    it took me right at 4 months to hit 100 subs im currently at 748 its a slow process it has a lot to do with the game i play and the type of content it is it takes time my dudes dont give up!