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  1. kunicross

    Best TV Theme song?

    Thanks, now I'll be humming this every day for eternity... I think they started to rush a bit too fast in the latest seasons, it started extremely good but will be about impossible to end somewhat satisfying (same as the books I guess. We really should have thrown out lot in with Brandon...
  2. kunicross

    Best TV Theme song?

    Kinda lame but the game of thrones theme is the one I Humm the most for unknown reasons. (Ducktales & Darkwing duck are there too)
  3. kunicross

    Movies/TV Captain Marvel Review (Possible Spoilers?)

    I guess it´s something you really need to pick up at a young age. One idea I had while writing was that maybe in a couple of decades MCU / DC could become a school topic as popular as Latin. ;) (not to say that the universes are bad but learning the various time and story lines could be about as...
  4. kunicross

    Best Game You've Played on your YouTube Channel

    So far my sim Airport stream has been the most successful, even the developer took a look. It's a quite new side thing for me anyway - but it seems smaller indi games have the advantage of not being so over-saturated.
  5. kunicross

    Movies/TV Captain Marvel Review (Possible Spoilers?)

    I watch those films always years later when they show up on Netflix or prime video and wonder what all the fuss was about back then. The MCU movies are entertaining but little more. (My kids stormed us into the cinema yesterday by accident but luckily there wasn't anything interesting for a...
  6. kunicross

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    If you ask that way: (Sorry for the huge size - it did look much much smaller on the cell) ? I guess I'll need that badge, do mobile applications count?
  7. kunicross

    What is your dream setup?

    For me the biggest problem is always having all the files at the right place at the right time so some magic contraption that would put my files while capturing right into the cloud and enable editing from no matter which site and device easy would be really nice. ;) Even if something alike...
  8. kunicross

    Movies/TV Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer!

    Welcome to my world... All those aduld people running around without ever seeing the Berlin wall in action....
  9. kunicross

    Important changes to community guidelines on strikes!

    Is it like the thumbnail story "ah so now they are going to ban us because of our thumbnails!!!!" I'm somehow not in the right mind for toxic column sections today ;)
  10. kunicross

    Important changes to community guidelines on strikes!

    Overall sounds like a change to the better side of course non of our honorable forum members will ever be able to tell. ;)
  11. kunicross

    TubeBuddy News Forums went down!

    I agree, its totally my vault. ;)
  12. kunicross

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Wasn't the first part kinda full anime? I think it's the game I got my fondest memorys on the ps3 from, I hope part 4 is about as good but the big sales should be a warning to myself I guess. (tested my streaming setup yesterday with my brother) For Rimworld the developer seemed to be a nice...
  13. kunicross

    Official Welcome our new Forum Mod! Building a community team!

    Yea I really have to hold my horses reporting to not go into the selection... I still remember that time in the army when they asked for volunteers to step up and I was the only one not taking a step back. Never again!! :) Also nice you cleansed all the kinda but not 100% clear spam posts...
  14. kunicross

    Movies/TV Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer!

    Omg sometimes it would be favorable if the kids grew up faster! But on the other hand there could be worse stuff for them to be all hooked about - I'm glad my son is off the minions.
  15. kunicross

    Music Thoughts on Musicals?

    I too never really got into musicals - there had been a couple of movies I liked as a child but that might be only because it was the only VHS around. (Annie I think we watched every time we visited my aunt) But my daughter really likes singing so we might have to invest a bit more time there...
  16. kunicross

    Cheap Camcorders

    At that price range most phones can beat those cams (especially if you add it as premium on your next phone, and you can edit on the as well if its half way decent) If you go for anything these days it should be able of at least recording full HD (1080p) without overheating, a connector for an...
  17. kunicross

    Official Welcome our new Forum Mod! Building a community team!

    You need to wait between reporting spam? Outrageous!!!! Btw I find it kinda hilarious people spam into a thread celebrating a new moderator. (it's of course du to the thread being super sticky on top of the forum)
  18. kunicross

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    I absolutely loved part one - I had the PSP one (2?) found it a bit sad they moved fully to the platform - never really saw anything from part 3 - guess that was PS Vita. Part 4 was on quite substantial sale just a short time after it was release Hm reminds me I could do another 20 hour Rim...
  19. kunicross

    Gear Question Which Green Screen is better to Stream on Gaming?

    If you have windows and light in the back you'll need a more expensive thinker material green screen - if you have a nice room and like decorating or never have a mess in there you won't need one at all.