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  1. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question My views are going up and down.

    Similar situation, have some videos that have done thousands of views this year but my last two videos, both covering a game that I have lots of views for previously, have only got around 50 views collectively. I have over 2000 subscribers and I think my thumbnail game has significantly improved...
  2. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Help 1 channel, or multiple?

    Exactly this, I actually only really post to my Welcome to Gaming account regularly, as mentioned the Welcome to Music channel gets something every few months so it picks up views but not a sub growth. I have a second WTG channel where I post stream vods from my twitch or shorts. The other two...
  3. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Our views

    My views are down in Dec too, like others have said, isn't that the norm on YT?
  4. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Youtube short videos /Shorts

    I've just got into the world of shorts/tiktok. All I've been doing is clipping out parts of streams or videos, doing slight re-edits on some and posting them. Last month my second channel (22 subs) had more views than my main through the shorts I posted but I only gained 2 subs. My tiktok has...
  5. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Help 1 channel, or multiple?

    I started my channel with gaming, movie reviews, music content and wrestling content. I soon realised that some people were subbing for one thing and not interested in the other stuff, my sub count was up and down. So I decided to split off into 4 channels. The gaming channel (the one linked...
  6. Welcome to Gaming

    Official Going Full-Time on YouTube

    If I started earning the same amount on YT that I do in my full time job then I'd quit my job and go full time on YT. Let me tell you, I don't earn much at my full time job.
  7. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Collapse in viewers since 26th Nov

    I was flying in November, second highest view month ever, thinking I might just make 1K subs before the end of the year. Going into December I was very excited as one of the games I cover that draws big views finally got its release. I'm currently posting more content than usual to cover this...
  8. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Changing YouTube channel name

    I changed my in 2017 and it was a good choice, I hadn't really built up any following.
  9. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Subscribers removed

    my watchtime is increasing with the subs, i'm on 635 subs and 2.6K hours. I just wanna hit that milestone now it's within reach, little bit of pocket money that might come with it will be an added bonus.
  10. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Subscribers removed

    Yeah, totally get that but it's a huge drop off when I'm on the charge to the 1K mark.
  11. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question How to get watch hours easily

    I found adding live streams to my weekly cycle has really helped in this regard. If I stream for 2 hours and one person sticks around for the full thing then that's 2 hours of watchtime! I am a gaming channel though and live stream ideas are fairly easy.
  12. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Subscribers removed

    I just had 21 wiped off in a day, is this happening to most people at the minute?
  13. Welcome to Gaming

    TubeBuddy How has tubebuddy benefited you in growing or improving your channel?

    Definitely this, it really helped me understand the "YouTube Game" better. I used to post things and not understand why they did well or not. Now I can analyse why a video does good or bad and react going ahead.
  14. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Tag may cause demonetization

    Does "Toad in the Hole" have another meaning that is dirty? :joy:
  15. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Revenue tab

    Like I said, it used to be there, just wondering if anyone else has noticed a change.
  16. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Revenue tab

    That's what I'm saying. I'm sure before it had "Views, Watch Time, Subscribers and Revenue" but now it only has the first 3.
  17. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question How to grow a gaming channel?

    The niching down advice came from this forum so i'm just passing on the advice I was given and the proof that it works, at least it has so far for me.
  18. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question Revenue tab

    Hi guys, I had some revenue from before YT changed the goalposts of becoming a partner, wasn't much at all but it's always been listed in my analytics but I notice recently it isn't listed anymore. Where did it go? Have I lost what I had earned back before the 2018 change? Or are they just not...
  19. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube Question How to grow a gaming channel?

    I used to do all sorts of games on my channel and struggled on for years with little growth. Focused the channel on sports based video games fully since last April and I've had 60K views, 2K watch time and 300 subs since. The 5 years before I made that switch I only had 15K views, 580 hours...
  20. Welcome to Gaming

    YouTube News YouTube Subscriber Cull

    Figured something weird had been happening because I was on track to hit 500 in April. Been gaining a sub or two every day since New Year but all of a sudden I was picking them up and losing them the same day so ended up floating around the 470 zone.