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  1. Happy on the way

    Facebook Posting on social media hurting the YouTube algorithm

    I find this a little confusing as well. There is literally a function in TubeBuddy called Share tracker that helps you ensure that you DID share your video to facebook, twitter, etc.
  2. Happy on the way

    Official How To Get More Views and Subscribers

    This is very helpful. It almost makes it easier to know that the first videos ( ie. the ones with all of the mistakes) aren't going to make or break a channel
  3. Happy on the way

    Channel Milestone 250K Subscribers!

    Congratulations. I'm sure that it took a great deal of work. May I ask how long you have been working at it?
  4. Happy on the way

    Subscriber Milestone Finally broke through 100 subscribers!

    Congratulations. The first of many milestones I''m sure.
  5. Happy on the way

    Vlog Channel An Outdoorsy, History Channel

    love the history and outdoors. I enjoyed the Rivenhall Video. We are campers as well look forward to seeing how your channel grows.
  6. Happy on the way

    Lifestyle Channel new you tuber

    That is some hobby. Not quite at the mountain climbing phase but enjoy the outdoors as well. Good Luck
  7. Happy on the way

    Lifestyle Channel Travel family that enjoys exploring so much that we want to share the adventure with others.

    User name: Happy on the way Title of introduction: Travel family that enjoys exploring so much that we want to share the adventure with others. Your name/ Alias: Happy on the Way Where are you from? Travel often. Currently live in New York How did you find TubeBuddy? Looking on youtube to...