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  1. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy's Going to Vidcon!

    I will be there! I have to decide which of the puppets will join me this year. --- Post updated --- I will be there! I have to decide which of the puppets will join me this year.
  2. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News How to see your Patreon Supporters on YouTube!

    I don't have a Patreon for my channel, but I'm a supporter for a few channels, so this is a pretty cool feature to see!
  3. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy 150K Subscriber Giveaway!

    Congratulations on 150K!!! WOOOO!!!!
  4. xingcat

    Movies/TV Movie Pass?

    I used to have one to the Arclight Cinema in LA when I lived there, but haven't gone to the movies enough here in Boston lately to buy a pass. It's a great deal if you do go to the theater a lot.
  5. xingcat

    Official How to Install TubeBuddy!

    Good stuff, Andrew!
  6. xingcat

    YouTube Updates Live Streaming!

    Ah, I think the Live Chat Replay will be especially helpful, since anytime I watch a livestream, a lot is lost because all you see is half the conversation. That will expand things nicely.
  7. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy On Alexa!

    It's pretty cool stuff, though it could lead to really obsessive behavior. "What's my count NOW, Alexa? How about NOW?!?!"
  8. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News Member of the Month February!

    Woot woot! Congratulations, @Limitless HD !!!
  9. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News Welcome Katie!

    Welcome, @Katie K !!!
  10. xingcat

    Huge Changes coming to YouTube!

    I am of two minds about this (at least). I can see that small channels who don't meet the requirements feel like they're being disrespected for this, and the messaging is horrible. There really can't be a correlation drawn between the recent incidents with larger channels like Logan Paul and...
  11. xingcat

    Movies/TV Thoughts on upcoming Black Panther film?

    I think it looks really great! I'm excited by the cast and the characters and all of it.
  12. xingcat

    Movies/TV Fav childhood movie

    The first movie I ever saw in a theater without my parents (my grandmother took me) was Benji, about a scruffy little dog, so I love that movie a lot, still.
  13. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News Tubebuddy Holiday Giveaway!

    Congratulations to the winners so far! Good luck to everyone else!
  14. xingcat

    TubeBuddy News 2017 Year in Review

    Very nice! Here's mine: https://www.tubebuddy.com/yearinreview/channel?id=UCc0oskVOPJ3h8GjEBZ-6vAw&code=qPe7Z9AEm90ukn8TV39grg%3d%3d
  15. xingcat

    Music Best album ever made?

    I would probably say that Kate Bush's "The Dreaming" is the album I listen to in its entirety the most.
  16. xingcat

    Expanding Community on YouTube

    As part of a pilot program, I've had the Community tab on my channel for a couple of months now, and I have to say it's....slightly unimpressive. It's nice to get some feedback from your viewers, but it's not really a place most viewers go, and it just seems like one more chore to add to the...
  17. xingcat

    Favorite pieces of Tech?

    iPhone has to be the one I use the most often. I carry everything around with me in it, it keeps me entertained when I'm bored, it keeps me on-track when I'm lost, and it keeps me on-schedule when I'm wandering around. :)
  18. xingcat


    Good to know what brands people here are enthusiastic about. Thanks for the advice.