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  1. Madgeblondie

    Channel Review I have a little bit of everything. Is this bad? Any advice? (please be kind)

    I like the overall feel of your channel. The thumbnails were quite busy, and because you do a bit of everything I think some videos get a bit lost in the noise. Videos look well shot and I don't think there is anything wrong with your content. You look like you are doing a great job. Marie
  2. Madgeblondie

    Channel Review I would like some feedback on my channel in hopes of getting a higher viewership

    Hey Shawny, I like the lay out of your channel page, its bright but not too fussy. Your thumb nails look inviting too, not sure of your content yet as I haven't clicked a video but it looks like a younger age base you are going for? Reading the titles now I can see it is! The beginning seems a...
  3. Madgeblondie

    Entertainment Channel Just a spooky introduction

    Fabulous, considering lockdown 3.0 and snow!
  4. Madgeblondie

    Vlog Channel Paranormal/ itc

    Will pop over and say hello. My channel is voices from Beyond and I am in to spooky stuffs too! Marie
  5. Madgeblondie

    Life Sharing ghost story

    Lots of stories. ( My channels a paranormal one) But lots of personal stories from when I was younger. I think the most vivid experience for me is the little girl I saw. Try and make this as short as possible, my nan was in hospital very ill. I woke up, and there was a small girl stood at the...
  6. Madgeblondie

    Subscriber Milestone Just uploaded my 70th video and my 1200 subscribers..

    Amazing achievement!! Great work. Im a para( not) normal content maker so I will pop across and give you another sub Marie ( voices from beyond)
  7. Madgeblondie

    Channel Milestone Half a Million

    How awesome!! Well done but more than that congratulations that all of your hard work has paid off!!
  8. Madgeblondie

    Entertainment Channel Just a spooky introduction

    Hey chris, fellow uk paranormal investigator here ( but not the faking type) I will pop over and say hi on your youtube channel and see what you have captured. I am Marie from Voices from beyond.
  9. Madgeblondie

    Community Channel Contacting the Afterlife and just trying to get through life

    Hi, uk based paranormal 'person' here. I am based across the country in Lincolnshire. Will pop over and have a look at your channel. I am voices from beyond. Look forward to chatting about our experiences!
  10. Madgeblondie

    Community Channel Nothing normal about me, that's why I love the 'paranormal'

    Thank you, just reading through the threads, sure most questions have already been thought of and answered already. m x
  11. Madgeblondie

    TubeBuddy Tubebuddy Success Story

    I have been on YouTube 12 years with my channel and I have just reached 540.. its a slow process but if you love your topic and it shows I have faith I will get there ( one day)
  12. Madgeblondie

    Community Channel Nothing normal about me, that's why I love the 'paranormal'

    Hi everyone, please don't think my channel is jump scares and ghosts in every episode because it really isn't. Its more like standing around at night in cold churches listening for noises, some of which are most definitely not paranormal ( husbands stomach mostly!!) Looking to chat to anyone...
  13. Madgeblondie

    Community Channel Nothing normal about me, that's why I love the 'paranormal'

    User name: Madgeblondie Title of introduction: Nothing normal about me, that's why I love the 'paranormal' Your name/ Alias: Marie Where are you from? Boston, Lincolnshire How did you find TubeBuddy? I was recommended the channel by Phillip from Saving Ghosts What made you join the...