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  1. SuzyW

    Answered Channel Analytics Doesn't Load!

    Hi Nody. I've just lodged a support request, but again there is no reply email or ticket number - is there actually any support apart from this forum? The reason for the request is that channelytics isn't loading on competitors. It loads on my channel, but to try to find competitors ID I need it...
  2. SuzyW

    Answered Tubebuddy Pricing?

    I think I've DM'd you - start conversation? Is that right? New to this platform lol
  3. SuzyW

    Answered Tubebuddy Pricing?

    Hi. I don't know what the ticket number is as I've not received even any emails to say my tickets have been received. I've just sent another this morning as it's been probably 48 hours since I sent the first one.
  4. SuzyW

    Answered Tubebuddy Pricing?

    Hi. I'm currently using the Pro version of Tubebuddy and I want to upgrade. However, when I go to do that in my account, it's going to charge me $470 for a year! When on the website it is $316 I've sent two messages to support but had no reply as yet. Wondering if anyone in here might have an...