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  1. TheAGames10

    I'm now uploading ROBLOX videos!!!

    Hey everyone, TheAGames10 here. Today in this promotion area, I thought I would link you all to my latest video on my YouTube channel... which is an actual GAMING video! Yes, I am now branching out to new areas of YouTube while "Power Rangers: Dino Fury" is on a hiatus until the fall, and I am...
  2. TheAGames10

    I uploaded a Gaming video!

    Hey everyone, TheAGames10 here! I have uploaded a gaming video, it feels just like the olden days when I only uploaded gaming like MC and such! This video is a full unedited round of Roblox's game "BIG Paintball" with no commentary!
  3. TheAGames10

    New Power Rangers Compilation!

    To celebrate 90k subs, I have decided to make a little compilation including all the French Power Rangers opening themes! This video will be the start of my #RoadTo100k subcribers!!! Watch the video here:
  4. TheAGames10

    New Fan-Made Power Rangers video!

    Hey Power Rangers Fans! I just posted a new video, it is a new Fan-Made video for Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Since this is my first post here, I would like to say that I usually do these types of videos now and then to promote something that may or may not happen in the Power Rangers TV series):
  5. TheAGames10

    Entertainment Channel I would love to introduce myself!

    Out of the many seasons, I feel like my favorite ranger was a recent one, named Zenowing (Dino Charge Silver Ranger) because mostly of the outfit, I like the shininess of the outfit. Also the dinosaur he is based off of sounds heroic to me (Titanosaurus)
  6. TheAGames10

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    I hope this is good, if it isn't I can give another image! :)
  7. TheAGames10

    YouTube Opinion Do You Celebrate Your Milestones?

    Yes, I celebrate my milestones whenever I get to a certain one. I still got to think of one for 100k.
  8. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question Still any spam comments in your videos?

    I still get spam type of comments every now and then, I am gonna try to use filtered comments in the future.
  9. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question Have you ever tried to clickbait people to get views? (be honest i'm curious)

    I have never used clickbait ever in my life, I honestly don't want to start using it now or ever in the future.
  10. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question How do you choose a video idea when you have a lot in your head

    I try to get the multiple things out of my head so I could just try and focus on one or two things at a time.
  11. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question What is is you love most about being a creator?

    I love being a creator because I get to reply to many people's nice comments! :)
  12. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question 2020 Youtube Goals

    My goal for YT in 2020 is to get 100k subscribers, and judging by the amount I have nowadays, I can possibly get it this year :)
  13. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question What Video Resolution are you uploading?

    720p mostly, once in a while, I make fan videos that are 480p
  14. TheAGames10

    YouTube Opinion Have you ever felt lost in ideas?

    I am one of those YouTubers that makes fan videos, and yes, I also run out of ideas every once in a while. Sometimes, it makes me not even finish a video... I feel like I am needing to do something nowadays...:thinking:
  15. TheAGames10

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I found TubeBuddy through watching YT videos and maybe a couple of Google searches. TubeBuddy has been helpful for the most part whenever I need help, like with the tags and the options with them.
  16. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question Playlists To Grow Channel

    A bunch of people on YT has at least one or more playlists... I have so many playlists, my YT pages freezes for a few secs while trying to load them all, lol.
  17. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question Have you had one of your videos go viral?

    A video go viral? hmmm... I do have a couple popular videos that have like millions of views. One video is a side-by-side video, another one is a "compilation" I guess you could say.
  18. TheAGames10

    YouTube Question Are you starting a channel for the money?

    The reason I started YouTube... was for money at first... but then later on, I started to just create content just because I wanted to.
  19. TheAGames10

    YouTube Opinion What's Hardest Thing for A Small Youtube Channel?

    I was once a small channel (I kind of still consider myself as one) and I think the hardest thing for a small channel is trying to get the views and subscribers from the first day you start your channel. even when you start making videos, it can be hard to get the views... sometimes creating...
  20. TheAGames10

    Opinion lets see how many pets everyone has

    I have 1 cat, and my sister has 1 dog.