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  1. Rick Ace

    Channel Review Having a hard time finding titles

    I updated my banner and I think it is much better now. My last video got me the most impressions of all of them in the first 12 hours but my CTR was basicly 0% so I will work on my thumbnails and titles so I can get more views. Thanks all for your feedbacks.
  2. Rick Ace

    Need Advice Two different languages in single channel

    I think it does cut your numbers in half. Definitly if you want to continu doing it in both langages, you should start another channel.
  3. Rick Ace

    Thumbnail Feedback Is this a Good banner? I Really don't know

    It looks good. You should add what is your schedule for uploading videos.
  4. Rick Ace

    Channel Review Having a hard time finding titles

    Hi Sadriercan, can you tell me how this is done? Not sure where to go in Tubebuddy to do that. Other channels like mine looks like that's what they are doing. Thanks
  5. Rick Ace

    YouTube Tips 3 Things To Understand Before Starting A YouTube Channel

    The third point it's like Field of Dreams... Build it and they will come! Keep creating good content and eventually it could pay off. I need to keep this in mind.
  6. Rick Ace

    YouTube Tips To Intro Or Not To Intro, That Is The Question

    I like good intros. I subscribed to a channel once only because of his intro! The content was great too but the intro got me hooked from the start.
  7. Rick Ace

    Channel Review Having a hard time finding titles

    User name: Rick Ace Title of thread: Having a hard time finding titles Self review: I'm still new to YouTube. I only have 18 videos up so far since May. I recently modified my banner and logo as well as the thumbnails to make everything look more "professional". I'm not getting much views so I...
  8. Rick Ace

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    I actually don't remember from which YouTuber that promoted Tubebuddy. I didn't install it at first and then saw a few Tubebuddy videos. I installed the free version for a few weeks and than decided to buy the Pro version. Still don't use it to it's full potential. That's why I'm here to learn
  9. Rick Ace

    Music Channel New to Tubebuddy and Youtube. I'm here to learn and grow!

    User name: Rick Ace Title of introduction: New to Tubebuddy and Youtube. I'm here to learn and grow! Your name/ Alias: Rick Where are you from? Montreal, Canada How did you find TubeBuddy? I found Tubebuddy on YouTube! Were else?! What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I found it great to join...
  10. Rick Ace

    Instagram Promotion on instagram

    I'm a new YouTuber and started promoting on Instagram a couple of few weeks ago and so far, most of the followers I'm getting on Instagram is other YouTubers that want a follow back. I have 67 followers on Instagram and only 17 on YouTube. I'm still new at it so I'm continuing posting hoping...
  11. Rick Ace

    Channel Review What will you change

    I was looking at your banner and then your thumbnail and titles and I couldn't figure out what your channel is about. It seems like it's two different subject which makes it confusing. You should try to upload more consistently on a set schedule. There's is too much text in your thumbnails and...