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  1. y10p

    Subscriber Milestone 5500 sub

    Congratulations! Amazing work
  2. y10p

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 subs

    Congratulations! Next stop 5K!
  3. y10p

    Subscriber Milestone 6000 subscribers

    Congratulations! Next stop 10k!
  4. y10p

    Subscriber Milestone Hit 5,500 subscriber milestone!

    Congratulations! very inspiring!
  5. y10p

    YouTube Question How do I reach a bigger audience?

    There is no "standard" time to 100 subscribers and it will be different for everyone. I've seen so many channels that have stayed in the low hundreds for months and then suddenly hit 1,000 subscribers overnight. How did they achieve this? Quality content. There are no shortcuts, you just need...
  6. y10p

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail of my latest video

    When you zoom out the text is a bit hard to read. Especially the DUNKIN on the orange background.
  7. y10p

    Thumbnail Feedback In serious need of thumbnail feedback!

    Any CTR above 10% is already super impressive! I like your thumbnail especially your expression. Potentially you could try a thicker border around yourself to make you stand out more from the rest of the thumbnail?
  8. y10p

    Thumbnail Feedback What is the most attractive thumbnail to click?

    I would say you always need some text, but it should be very concise!