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  1. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion Would you rather be too hot or too cold?

    From Paris, it's both but i prefer cold because it's hard to protect when it's hot
  2. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Other How to promote on facebook and how to make one for my channel!

    FB Page, Friends and even group. Be careful, most of group doesn't accept YT links or promoting. There are groups for youtubers but it's hard to find an authentic group where you don't received spams to watch these videos (sometime insipid) and subscribe theses channel in the comments
  3. Mr Nicky Wilde

    YouTube Help Is it worth it to keep going?

    The worst thing when we make a YT Channel is making a YT Channel only for subcribers and be famous in one day. Just keep going. However, there is also a niche to reach. If you focus to art fans, i think it's better
  4. Mr Nicky Wilde

    YouTube Opinion Subscriber count doesn't matter.

    I agree that subscribers doesn't matter. I just have 10 subscribers and i'm happy like that. I prefer to have few subscribers and authentic rather than too much subscribers in one week where most are scammers
  5. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Gaming What is your favorite game?

    No judgement, Disney Infinity :cool: anyway i'm using to make animation
  6. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion What is Your Opinion on Anime?

    It depends, sometime i like (for the graphic), sometime i don't like (too long for something that we made in 5 minutes or often silly) but it's a source of meme
  7. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Food Favorite nonalcoholic drink?

    sparkling water + syprup espcially mint or lime is better because It tastes like soda but the problem with "industrial soda", it makes me more thirsty
  8. Mr Nicky Wilde

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    With google because i was in the French forum assitance for Youtubers but they doesn't help me a lot. It's a little normal because my video are in english (i have lot of English-speaking friends). I'm trying to find an equivalent forum and it's here
  9. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Life Any Plans For The Summer?

    I hope to travel in Montréal (Canada) or in Disney World (Florida)
  10. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion Cats

    I haven't cat but i would like to have one because they're so cute !
  11. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion Favorite Social Media Besides YouTube?

    Facebook and IG (i'm used to post some photos from Disneyland Paris)
  12. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Editing Software What is your favorite video editing app?

    Premiere is better even if it happens that i'm using After Effects
  13. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Life How does the pandemic affects you?

    Thanks to the lockdown, i'm beginning in animation and meme. Before if was vlogger before to convert in animation
  14. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Other Where are you from??

    Baguette... or France
  15. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion Least Favourite Niche

    Gaming too because some gamers are spamming their video to prompt me to watch their video sometime insipid. But i don't say that all gamers are lame otherwise i shouldn't watch Markiplier or playing video games. Anyway, it's me who decide which channel to subscribe
  16. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Food Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream?

    Strawberry is the basis
  17. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Opinion How Will Coronavirus End?!

    I hope it'll end at the end of the year. In France, the number of cases decreases and almost all places will reopen but with barrier gesture but now it increases again and i doubt a second wave
  18. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Music What is the best Genre for you?

    I'm rather rock even if sometime i'm listening pop or electro
  19. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Comedy Channel Hi everybody (or Bonjour)

    It's rather meme & internet humor
  20. Mr Nicky Wilde

    Comedy Channel Hi everybody (or Bonjour)

    User name: Mr Nicky Wilde Title of introduction: Hi everybody (or Bonjour) Your name/ Alias: Mr Nicky Wilde Where are you from? France How did you find TubeBuddy? By Google What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I made this channel because i was builled when i was young. I hope to reveal...