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  1. AndrewGrey2

    Editing Software What free software do yous recommend?

    Hi! I join other people's advice and want to say that there are actually a lot of free video editing tools even for budget computers! There is a lot of content about it on youtube! a lot of different videos with tutorials on free editing programs. there are entire playlists with useful information!
  2. AndrewGrey2

    Gaming Channel I play games from side to side and only story games

    Are you going to do video walkthroughs of any games? Do you only like story games? What games are you going to do? Actually that's commendable!!! 2-3 videos a day is a good plan!!! Good luck!
  3. AndrewGrey2

    Lifestyle Channel Self-Reflection | Mindfulness | Holistic Wellness

    You have great plans! There is a lack of content on healthy living right now! I would love to follow your content! Good luck!!!I wish you well!!!