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  1. ccrtelevision

    Need Advice Best Practise For Comments

    I'm always the first to like my own videos. When the first people come flocking toward my new uploads, I think it just gives off a better impression for them to see 1 like already there rather than 0 likes. Also, it's fun and kind of pat on the back to "like" my own work; I spent hours making...
  2. ccrtelevision

    YouTube Question How long did it take you to find your voice?

    My channel started gaining traction in early 2018, and it's crazy to watch my videos from back then because it really makes me realize how much I've improved. I've always been myself on my channel and my character has remained consistent, it's just when I compare my new videos with older ones, I...
  3. ccrtelevision

    YouTube Question Anyone else having comment sections disabled at random?

    This is something that happened to me recently and I'm curious if anyone has noticed anything similar on their channels. A little over a month ago, I had a comment section disabled right after uploading a video-- twice. It was really inconvenient and a bit damaging to for the performance of that...
  4. ccrtelevision

    Other Social Media Good Social Sites To Promote...?

    Promote any social media accounts you know you will actively use and that your audience can benefit from! I only promote my Instagram because that's the only other platform I'm reasonably active on; I used to promote my Facebook as well as another older account but I stopped because I was either...
  5. ccrtelevision

    Other I want to know about tax return?

    I don't know which country you are from, but the money you earn from YouTube will likely count as self-employment, and that's usually taxed differently from traditional employment. I would look in that direction to get a general idea of how it would work for you. I second what Craig said in...