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    Music Channel new to join

    Welcome to the community. I see you post a bunch about CocoMelon. My kids adore it! It's got some catchy and great nursery rhyme music. Great for learning. Enjoy your Youtube journey!
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    Vlog Channel Revealing myself and goals.

    Welcome to the community!
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    Other Social Media Using TikTok to promote YouTube Videos

    Thanks for sharing. I too find tiktok not as much my usual jam but it is great for a bit of traffic and light and funny content. Challenging myself to get familiar with another platform I think is a healthy growth mindset and has stretched my ideas about creativity even further. Plus there is...
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    Thumbnail Feedback music beats thumbnail

    I am personally drawn to bold and yet simple thumbnail art. If it's too crowded I am more annoyed that I can't read it but maybe this is just a personal ramble. I make my thumbnails on Canva. The font you used is easy to read and stands out well against the background. And who doesn't love a...
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    Vlog Channel Hi ! I'm Aaron and I'm so eager & excited to learn from you all :)

    Welcome. I loved your animated introduction video! What platform did you use to create it? And your story is unique and interesting, what a life change! Can't wait to see more of your content.
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    YouTube Resources The BEST Ways to Take Advantage of your Community Tab RIGHT NOW!

    Thanks so much for putting this post together. I have been wondering about the community page and this answers all my questions and then some! Now I just need to hit that 500 subs so I can put into practice your tips and tricks.
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    Lifestyle Channel Our RV Journey just stared! Find out what its all about and Ride along as we travel this great country of ours.

    I enjoyed watching your introduction Youtube video. You guys look great and looks like you have some great adventures in store with Ritchie on the road.
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    Lifestyle Channel Because there is always something Brewing at the Baker house!

    User name: bakerbrewz Title of introduction: Because there is always something Brewing at the Baker house! Your name/ Alias: Baker Brewz Where are you from? Edmonton, Alberta, Canada How did you find TubeBuddy? Recommended by another Youtuber - Farmhouse on Boone What made you join the...