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    YouTube Tips Cards, card teasers, end screens, and video description links

    Looking at our YouTube analytics for all of 2022: card teaser clicks per card teaser shown: 0.1% card clickers per card shown: 8.1% end screen element clicks per elements shown: .2% end screen link clicks per elements clicked: 3.4% Now, looking at our Google analytics for 2022, if we assume...
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    Answered Card & end screen templates errors

    Thanks for your response, Nody. We never received a response to our initial email so I don't have a ticket ID. The email was sent on 1/5/23 at 4:44pm PT from xxxx@gmail.com. @.com is the email address associated with our YouTube and TubeBuddy accounts, but it's receive only, we don't have the...
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    Answered Card & end screen templates errors

    Hey all, what's the wait time on a response to an email to support@tubebuddy.com? Our end screen templates and card templates have been throwing errors that say "request contains an invalid argument," screenshots attached. These templates have been working for months. We emailed...