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    Need Advice New "secret channel" vlog - how to cover my tracks?

    This might be a bit confusing, but here I go. I have a current channel that I'd like to contuinue to grow. But 4 years ago I was battling some major issues in my life (and still am honestly) and started a Vlog to document the journey, thinking MAYBE I'd one day release it and it could help...
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    YouTube Help Demonetized after 6+ years of hard work (1+million subs)

    First off, it's obviously not just you, and not a new problem. 'SupermarioLogan" has battled this for YEARS. he did role playing with stuffed toys for adults, but YT saw it as child themed and stripped his channel. Go visit him/look him up. The guy had some serious talent with the storylines and...
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    Answered How Do I Auto Transfer my YouTube Videos to Facebook?

    It's not about the views on YouTube but the views on Facebook. Facebook has a higher pay per view rate than YouTube does. I have 67,000 follows on YouTube, but only 4,000 on Facebook. Since I have over 400 videos on YouTube, launching all of my old videos from YouTube onto Facebook triggers the...
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    Answered How Do I Auto Transfer my YouTube Videos to Facebook?

    Hi! A friend mentioned they had used TubeBuddy to auto transfer all of their YouTube content to Facebook and it was super easy. I don't have many of my 400+ YouTube videos on my Facebook page, but would like to copy them over. Is this really a possibility and if so, which license do I need...
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    Answered Weighted Scores Are Depressing

    I guess what age group are you targeting specifically? I would think teens or adults are more apt to want to "virutal" learn. My 8 yr old son wanted violin lessons (out of the blue) so we signed him up for in person lessons. he was very excited at first. But partway through his teachers changed...