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  1. eljthejod

    Channel Milestone 30,000 views

    congrats. And keep up the good work
  2. eljthejod

    YouTube Question What is your channel about!?

    My channel is about gaming but created in "filmic/movie" style
  3. eljthejod

    Editing Software looking for better editing software that's not expensive

    Davinci resolve is the best option there is. Its a free editing suite with god-tier features.
  4. eljthejod

    Editing Software Davinci Resolve what are your thoughts on it?

    I am currently not using it but that software suite is great. It,s just perfect the cut page for the rough cut, the edit for the final video edit with some sound editing, the Fairlight page for God-Tier sound editing, the Fusion page for node-based compositing, the color page for God-Tier...
  5. eljthejod

    Gaming What your favorite game?

    my current fav is Hitman Blood money
  6. eljthejod

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    not necessarily but I would highly recommend it. Not a very expensive one though. A good inexpensive one, like a razer seiren mini for 50 bucks. The moment someone stumbles upon your channel they will appreciate it, A LOT. That being said, I remember fans of H20 delirious asking him to return to...
  7. eljthejod

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    I second this. Having a "perfect mic" regardless of its price and or brand will be completely pointless if the recording room isn't well treated and or the mic is not an a boom arm. The mattress idea really works perfectly.
  8. eljthejod

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    A razer seiren mini is one of the easiest options to recommend. it has already well balanced out of the box as well as having inbuilt shock mount and its only 50 bucks.Waaay way better than the snowball. Alpha Gaming channel has a very good review on it.
  9. eljthejod

    Gaming Channel I am a "not a filmmaker" gamer. And yes, that was English

    User name: eljthejod Title of introduction: I am a "not a filmmaker" gamer. And yes, that was English Your name/ Alias: El J Where are you from? KE How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube search What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I Received an email and yeah, here we are. What would you like...
  10. eljthejod

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    Some time back, maybe 4 years ago, when researching YouTube channel guides, I watched the guides but they were a bit hard to follow. This month I did start my channel then stumbled upon Muaaz's and Nick Nimmi'ns Tubebuddy tuts and couldn't be more happier. It's actually heartwarming to get a...