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  1. The Scripting Guys

    Thumbnail Feedback Do you like Chocolate Mousse?

    It's good, add some text or something to it as well
  2. The Scripting Guys

    Life Hows your day been?

    it's been okay. A lot of planning and editing but it's been an okay day
  3. The Scripting Guys

    YouTube Question New to YouTube

    I would recommend setting a video goal and focus on that, don't focus on analytics or subs bc that will make you stop. So set a video goal like 100 or 50 videos before the summer and you will focus on that.
  4. The Scripting Guys

    Thumbnail Feedback How's the thumbnail on my recent video?

    It's good but the person should be more in focus I think if you know what I mean.
  5. The Scripting Guys

    YouTube Tips How do I increase views and click through rate?

    use some good tags, tell your friends about the channel, make a good description and a high-quality thumbnail!
  6. The Scripting Guys

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    To help people learn how to code with the language LUA.
  7. The Scripting Guys

    Opinion How was your week?

    Good, started my channel and gained almost 100 views and 5 subs.
  8. The Scripting Guys

    Thumbnail Feedback please feed back for my thumbnail

    I agree with HenryBR and HeatherPsyD, but still good job with the thumbnail!
  9. The Scripting Guys

    YouTube Opinion How I gained 700 subscribers in a month

    That is impressive! Thank you for your tip and good luck with your channel!
  10. The Scripting Guys

    Thumbnail Feedback LEARN MAKE A THUMBNAIL

    So if you want feedback on this thumbnail, the background picture is good but maybe take another picture of your face bc that's kinda blurry.
  11. The Scripting Guys

    Thumbnail Feedback High resolution thumbnails

    I make my thumbnails using Paint.net or Photoshop. I just make a template and then most of the thumbnails look the same. Use a good picture with the right resolution as well.