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  1. Bobby Borg

    Need Advice Increase subscribers and views

    Hey, I have a question about this. I have a big back catalogue as well of stuff that needs to be FIXED.......BUT is it worth it? I mean, if you look at those analytics, they may not even be getting one hit. Is the idea to change those stats? What happens if the videos are kind of crappy? Would...
  2. Bobby Borg


    Hi, What they tell me is 1) Find topics people want 2) make great videos 3) have great titles and 4) Have great Thumbnails. LOL.....Sounds easy, but it seems to be a bit of mystery at times.
  3. Bobby Borg

    YouTube Question How often do you think a person should post video content? Detailed content.:

    Hi, an I wrong to say this, but to my understanding, the more videos you make that people do not respond to, the more YouTube will believe your content is NOT relevant to the people it spits it out to? So the number of videos is not so much the issue, as trying to figure out how to make better...
  4. Bobby Borg


    HI All, Started in 2007, have been off and on, only have about 1.5K subs and a total off 100,000 spins (average about 100 streams per video). Now that I have things more figured it (content included), would it be better to just start over fresh? Said another way, Is it possible that the...
  5. Bobby Borg

    In Progress Live Tuesday Tutorials Where?

    Hi, TubeBuddy emailed me about live tutorial Tuesdays with a link that goes nowhere. So how do I actually view live meetings?