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  1. supercibor

    Subscriber Milestone 1,200SubscribersMilestone

    Congrats. Awesome achievement
  2. supercibor

    Video Review Can you please have a look at the video and tell me your thoughts? Where can I improve? Are the tags ok?

    It can be in any language and will be effective sinceros it is a familiar brand. Share it in every social media for Backlinks and orgánic traffic. Add more related tags.
  3. supercibor

    Business Channel Hector Herrera Make Money Online Expert

    User name: supercibor Title of introduction: Hector Herrera Make Money Online Expert Your name/ Alias: Hector Herrera Where are you from? Dominican Republic How did you find TubeBuddy? From a You Tuber. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Reccomendation from TubeBuddy What would you...
  4. supercibor

    Thumbnail Feedback Do you like my thumbnail? Please comment.

    It is very impressive thumbnail. It is impossible to miss it.:heart:
  5. supercibor

    Subscriber Milestone 1,200SubscribersMilestone

    Congratulations,keep up the good work!:)
  6. supercibor

    Channel Milestone 900,000ViewsMilestone!

    Congratulations! That's incredible number. Keep it up! :) You Tube
  7. supercibor

    Channel Milestone I Hit 302 Videos with 2.22K Subscribers

    That is awesome , congratulations:)
  8. supercibor

    Subscriber Milestone 750 Subscribers

    750 subscribers milestone