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  1. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    It’s been emoti

    It's been emotional! It really has, but it's time, its the end of this chapter, #ThreeQuotesThursday is closing it's doors, I'm putting the lens cap back on and unplugging the mic. It was only ever meant to be a 12 month experiment, which started in written form but then it entered a second...
  2. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Stuggle for sleep - Original Poem

    Struggle for Sleep! Today, I pray to the coffee gods! I'm so #tired! However, being sleep-deprived is not going to stop me putting out a video! This week #ThreeQuotesThursday is a spoken word/Original poem by Your's truly on the subject of #sleep. You'll either enjoy it, or it may put you to...
  3. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Spoken word(Poetry) - Interested???

    Hi Tubers! just wanted to get a feel for how many of you like spoken word/poetry videos? My channels objective is to deliver motivational and positive quotes every Thursday, introduced in different ways each week and this week the subject is Sleep which I have done a spoken word poem about...
  4. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Other Shubh Diwali!

    A lot of people don’t realise that what the nazis used as a swastica is actually originally a single of peace
  5. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Other Shubh Diwali!

    Late is ok! Thank you
  6. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Other Shubh Diwali!

    My wife’s family are Hindu and we enjoy Diwali
  7. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Channel Milestone Last 28 days

    How’s your last 28 days been? I’ve gained 7 more subscribers which are all giving done great comments and appreciate the videos which is great feedback, what will the next 28 days bring?! No link drops please but feel free to post screenshot of your 28day figures
  8. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Other Shubh Diwali!

    Shubh Diwali to anyone celebrating today! May Laxmi bring you and your families Wealth, Health and prosperity and may your Diya’s burn long and bright. Off to buy some fireworks now!!!
  9. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Type a word that doesnt have Vowel letters!

    Tel l that to the Welsh! Some of their words are bonkers!
  10. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Movies/TV Favourite horror movie?

    Never been to Australia in my life, I’m from London, UK but love the film and the actor, may he rest in peace. Some great suggestions there but know to steer clear of the human centipede, especially after a South Park episode! Alien is a classic by the way!
  11. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    What is it? (Inspired)

    What is it? (Inspired) This week I look at #Inspiration. How Matt D'Avella inspired me to buy a particular book and how Inspiration can pop up in many places and what to do with it. I hope you feel #Inspired too! View: https://youtu.be/r4DkT3Xnd6Y
  12. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    What is it? (Inspired) This week I look at #Inspiration. How Matt D'Avella inspired me to buy a particular book and how Inspiration can pop up in many places and what to do with it. I hope you feel #Inspired too! View: https://youtu.be/r4DkT3Xnd6Y
  13. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    Maybe you can switch niches in the later seasons to cover hunting and football the switch back to fishing in spring!
  14. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    Glad to hear it’s not just me then! Those that my latest actually reached have said some good things about it so should’ve done better, just timing. Oh well, there’s always this Thursday!
  15. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    That’s what I was thinking Beanie, most probably had more pressing and important priorities, especially the future of a country’s current president which would take precedence over me jabbering on about ownership etc...
  16. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    I’m Quotally Positive you’ll enjoy my channel

    #ThreeQuotesThursday brings three weekly positive, motivational or thought provoking quotes on a different subject each week with an intro piece related to the topic. As well as a new subject each week I try to try new things in my videos each time, whether it’s effects, humour, spoken word or...
  17. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    Has anyone experienced lower than normal views on your videos during the election, it seems the views have dropped? What do you think?
  18. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    What could you own?

    What could you own? Bonfire night is upon us... and this weeks #ThreeQuotesThursday is a Banger! This week we are talking about #Ownership. I said "We" and not "I" as this week to help me talk about this subject, I have a little help from someone I always find motivating and positive...
  19. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Movies/TV Favourite horror movie?

    I heard he’s also remaking the classic “Candyman” Horror which should be out in 2021
  20. #ThreeQuotesThursday

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Fear is a good friend! As it's #Halloween, I couldn't not do a video on the subject of fear! Strap in, grab your popcorn, dim the lights and enjoy! #Wereyouscared #ThreeQuotesThursday #Quotes View: https://youtu.be/p2edACtBpwI