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  1. ResetResto

    YouTube Question View Count just dropped after increasing SEO score

    Makes sense what you say. I will give it some time to see if the views pick up again thank you for the reply.
  2. ResetResto

    YouTube Question View Count just dropped after increasing SEO score

    Truly appreciate the advise. You have atleast eased my worry around it. If I look at where my views came from in my analytics majority was from Youtube suggested so I guess I had something right in the beginning for the algorithm to pick my content but after changing tags, thumbnails and titles...
  3. ResetResto

    YouTube Question View Count just dropped after increasing SEO score

    Thank you for the feedback. I was under the impression the kind of views I was getting was average for the age of my channel. Why do you think my views dropped after doing the SEO? Is it normal or am I just over thinking it?
  4. ResetResto

    YouTube Question View Count just dropped after increasing SEO score

    Guys, I need some help here. I have had amazing views on a few of my videos that were suggested by Youtube but I realized that my SEO score was terrible, so as per TB recommendations I created better thumbnails and used the keyword explorer to give me the best possible keywords and tags for my...
  5. ResetResto

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Stanley Hand Plane restoration View: https://youtu.be/aEeMcD2hp4s
  6. ResetResto

    100 year old rotary Cheese Grater Restoration.

    This is me restoring my grandmother’s old rotary cheese grater that she got from her mother. Estimated to be over a 100 years old! View: https://youtu.be/JaxOQ8iGYbM
  7. ResetResto

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Old bench vise restoration (Model - Record 12PB) View: https://youtu.be/fHJtE0DyL1w
  8. ResetResto

    YouTube SEO How To Write The BEST Titles / Descriptions / Tags (And How Each Works!)

    Very useful info, thank you again for sharing!
  9. ResetResto

    Editing Software What Editing Software you have?

    I use to use MacOs with the built in iMovie but have started using ClipChamp on Windows. Works well for 1080p.
  10. ResetResto

    YouTube Tips The Value Of Your First 100 Videos

    Love the wealth of info on TB. I am seriously soaking it all in and hope to grow my channel by applying what I learn here. Thanks for sharing.
  11. ResetResto

    YouTube Question How do i make my video appear on youtube short

    I am pretty sure it is shown at random and based on the views and watch time it will get pushed up in the queue
  12. ResetResto

    YouTube Question Best places to promote your videos?

    Maybe have a look at MeWe.
  13. ResetResto

    YouTube Question Best time to post

    I think it is more about consistency rather than best time to post tbh. I speak for myself when I say I expect a new video at a certain time for channels I am subscribed to whether it is once a week or once a month.
  14. ResetResto

    YouTube Question Video processing takes longer than expected

    That is quite long. My longest processing time was about a day.
  15. ResetResto

    YouTube News Adsense revenue from YT Shorts

    Interesting.I learnt something new today.
  16. ResetResto

    Official How To Get More Views and Subscribers

    Great writeup and thank you for sharing it with us.
  17. ResetResto

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    I firmly believe that is if you post good quality and relevant content, subscribers will follow. It is all about what keeps your viewers watching for the max amount of time that draws YouTube in recommending your content. That way they have a better opportunity to get more ads in front of viewer...
  18. ResetResto

    Entertainment Channel Hello everyone, I’m new to this. Looking for ways to grow my channel

    Welcome to TB and I hope you do well with your channel.
  19. ResetResto

    Music Channel Web Entrepreneur and Social media enthusiast

    Welcome! I absolutely love relaxing videos as it helps me sleep. (Insomnia) I will be sure to check out your content! Good luck with your channel!