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  1. Shelly Saves the Day

    YouTube Question Any good AI voice over services?

    Check out DeScript. It’s my favorite.
  2. Shelly Saves the Day

    YouTube Question How do I add my voice over to my already uploaded video?

    Hey! Great to see you I think they just haven’t updated my profile since I left. I’m sure they’ll get around to it eventually.
  3. Shelly Saves the Day

    YouTube Question How do I add my voice over to my already uploaded video?

    You cannot. You can add music from the YouTube library, (most commonly used when there is a copyright dispute) but you can't add a voice over. The only other real editing options would be to add a blur, or complete a trim.
  4. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered TubeBuddy scheduler affecting Shorts views?

    I love a good experiment! Let us know how it goes!
  5. Shelly Saves the Day

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Bulk Comments

    That would be cool! For future videos going forward, you could set the first comment at time of publish if you schedule with TubeBuddy but yeah, previous videos that would be cool too. The closest thing we have right now would be to add something maybe to top of description, or somewhere in...
  6. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered How to increase Ad Budget after publishing video?

    If you talking about using SEO Studio inside of TubeBuddy: SEO Studio is a walk through of how to publish a video and have information about title, thumbnail and description be cohesive and ready for publishing SEO Studio does not link to a Google Ads in anyway. It is specific only to...
  7. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered TubeBuddy scheduler affecting Shorts views?

    When using the TubeBuddy scheduler a few notes: 1. Scheduled videos do not show up in the main video list but under the Bulk and Miscellaneous tools menu for Schedule. (TubeBuddy cannot alter the main YouTube view so it has to be visible and built into a TubeBuddy, not YouTube view or menu). You...
  8. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered My upcoming milestones subscribers count is not moving.

    There are a few things to note when it comes to metrics/milestones: Data for milestones in our app and in our browser extension typically update every two hours but... for some data it gets pulled from and external site (statfire) and not from the YouTube API. Video views and metrics can be...
  9. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Can not Post to Facebook

    Unfortunately, this is due to a change in Facebook API and the YouTube integration allowance rules. Facebook no longer allows TubeBuddy to push the YouTube video directly to Facebook. TubeBuddy can still publish the title, description, and thumbnail from YouTube but you now have to point to...
  10. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Why do TB and YT numbers not match?

    There are a few things to note here: 1. Data for milestones in-app (this includes on mobile) usually updates every couple of hours but... for some data it gets pulled from statfire and not youtube api. 2. Video views and metrics can be delayed in their updates by up to 24-48hours when being...
  11. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Using Youtube Videos

    We can't fully advise you on this as we are not YouTube but I would look into fair use laws and see how you can be transformative in your commentary and review of the videos.
  12. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Youtube Partner Program Monetization Rejected Again

    If your question is about monetization and why you got denied. Typically, they will tell you why you were rejected, things like "reused content" or "copyright violations", etc. If you were uploading content that did not belong to you, I would understand why they would deny you. If you purchase...
  13. Shelly Saves the Day

    Thumbnail Feedback which one is better ?

    I'd usually pick the one with the face but I would also add, that is a lot of text on the screen, I would reduce it to only what it necessary and increase the amazon logo if that is really what the video is about. Thumbnails look great on a computer screen but remember the majority of traffic...
  14. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Struggling To Understand The Title A/B Split Test

    I might take a peek inside of click magnet to also look at the element inspector get some of the words that get clicked on most, then also take a peek at the CTR opportunities report to cherry pick a few of the better performing videos (even if they have poor CTR) and use one of those to start...
  15. Shelly Saves the Day

    Official Going Full-Time on YouTube

    Matt, I wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! I see you being all over the forums, helping with questions and giving great insights. I see you, I appreciate you, and I'm so thankful you are here. Thanks!
  16. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered A/B testing

    I typically choose "until statistical significance" is achieved versus the timed method. When you set a video test for statistical significance it will automatically set it to the winner once enough data has been processed. In some instances it can be as short as a couple of days vs letting it...
  17. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Can use tubebuddy as a content?

    You may not use videos from the TubeBuddy channel as content on your own channel. It also is part of the affiliate agreement and TubeBuddy terms of service that you may not use our videos or intellectual property as your own. If you were to take an entire video and put it on your channel, you...
  18. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered About tubebuddy affilate

    Q: "Can I say I'm sponsored by TubeBuddy?" A: No. A sponsored video is different and comes with an agreement/contract from TubeBuddy. An affiliate relationship with TubeBuddy is not the same but you should still disclose that it is an affiliate link if putting in a description box or mentioning...
  19. Shelly Saves the Day

    Need Advice How can I achieve 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watched hours?

    try creating some playlists and linking to them as: - a pinned comment - Info card - End Screen Also, live streams can help you gain hours (not necessarily subscribers though) as they tend to have much higher watch times than regular videos.
  20. Shelly Saves the Day

    Answered Is Tubebuddy expensive? In comparison to vidIQ (A short story on my purchase)

    We're happy to be with you on your creator journey! Thank you for sharing!