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  1. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone 100 uploads

    100 uploads! Who would have taught I would remain this consistent. I have never been that girl to continously do something despite the slow growth. But I am so glad I continue. I would definitely continue...
  2. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 1000 Subbies

    I am so grateful. 1k people decided to join the Harpy fam. I have never been patient with anything or anybody a i am with my YT channel. Consistency is indeed the only grail on youtube. Damn! My brain has gone blank But I am so happyf
  3. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 950 Harpy Fam

    I can feel the growth already. I am more motivated than ever!!!
  4. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 900 subbies

    I still cant belive it. I want it but i cant believe i have up to 900 humans join the harpy fam. I am really excited. 1000 SUBS loading
  5. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone 30,000 views

    Its been a long way.
  6. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 700 subs . 1k loading

    It just keeps getting better. I cant wait to have a community page on youtube.
  7. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 650 subs . Road to 1k

    Its so funny that as at this time kast year, i calculated that it would take me ten years to get 1k subscribers:joy:. I was getting 5 subs at most every MONTH. But now, i am very certain that i would reach 1K and even cross it this year.
  8. Harpyjessy

    YouTube Question Comparing your channel

    Does anybody find themselves comoaring their YT channel to others and just been totally fustrated. Especially when you know you are putting in more effort in terms of quality and consistency? ITS REALLY SAD SOMETIMES
  9. Harpyjessy

    Educational Channel Any study abroad youtuber in the house?

    User name: Harpyjessy Title: Any study abroad youtuber in the house? Age: 18 and above Type of collaboration: Video collab. We can make videos from the comfort of our home and smash it into one. I have various study abroad related topics to talk about. So hit me up and let's get the camera...
  10. Harpyjessy

    Should I show low subscriber counts?

    Personally, i like seeing the progress of a youtube oage wgen i suscribe especially if it goes from ending with 9 to ending with 0. Its so satisfying. For examole going from 99 to 100 after i sub. I think you should show it
  11. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 500 subs!!! Half the battle?

    I finally reach the 500 subs milestone. It has been a long and painful ride but i trust the process. 2021 is MY YEAR ON YOUTUBE. #Breakingboundaries
  12. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone 1,000 Views On My Channel

    wOW!!! Thats a huge milestone within a short perios. Congratulations
  13. Harpyjessy

    Question How to re-activate the momentum after I have disposed my Youtube Channel for several months?

    This is a valid question because i have not uploaded on youtube in a month because i film with my phone and it got broken (we are stll on a lockdown and i am unable to fix it.). I am scared i would loose the little momentum i have garnered
  14. Harpyjessy

    TubeBuddy Don't self promote yourself!

    Same with me , i actually got wise by joining tubebuddy. i gain my 100th subscriber not too long after. Sub4sub helps no one
  15. Harpyjessy

    Subscriber Milestone 300 SUBS!!! Its about time

    I am so excited 300 people decided to be part of my journey is studying and living in the netherlands. A land that is completely forgn to me but i love very much.
  16. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone Humble Beginnings.... first celebrated milestone!

    Yes you will celebrate 100 subs soon. Congrats man
  17. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone Reached 30 video milestone

    Its much . Content creatiion i not easy. Congratulations on your road to your first 100subs
  18. Harpyjessy

    Channel Milestone OMG!!! We just surpassed 65000 Views!!!!

    Wooow thats alot. YOU ARE DOING WELL. keep it up!!! Congratulations
  19. Harpyjessy

    Need Advice Who do u guys tell about your channels?

    i used to be ahamed to tell close firnds and family because of the akward video quality. But when i improved i tell everyone and their grand mother. I now own my stuff without shame