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  1. Jason Song

    Gaming God any FPS games worth playing?

    CS:GO - it's free, competitive, fun. Different type of FPS than Battlefield 1 (great game by the way), but had to recommend it because CS:GO is my go to.
  2. Jason Song

    How-To Channel Elevated home cooking with a side dish of Fashion

    Ah, a fellow food related YouTuber - welcome!
  3. Jason Song

    In Progress Using strong keywords one after another for title?

    What happens when you add two keywords that are "GOOD" back to back? I know YouTube searches from left to right and I am wondering what happens to the strength of my ability to rank. For example, the scores for these two are: MrBeast ASMR = 55 Beast Style Burger = 59 They are both "GOOD" but...
  4. Jason Song

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    1) To be financially free - no more 9 to 5 rat race for me! 2) To make money while doing what I love - eating! 3) To support my family 4) To hopefully bring people to Christ through my channel. Not that I preach, but I drop hints that I am Christian. Some people will pick up on that and I...
  5. Jason Song

    Entertainment Channel I Quit My Job As A Project Manager - Now I Do YouTube FULLTIME

    User name: Jason Song Title of introduction: I Quit My Job As A Project Manager - Now I Do YouTube FULLTIME Your name/ Alias: Jason Song Where are you from? New Jersey How did you find TubeBuddy? Nick Nimmin on YouTube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? When I installed TubeBuddy it...
  6. Jason Song

    Need Advice I'm using recommended tags but I am still not ranking high in search.

    I love this, I am saving this in my favorites.
  7. Jason Song

    YouTube Question Keyword algorithm changes?

    Ok I went to incognito and did the following with my video: - searched exact title "Double Classic Smash vs Beast Style - Can MrBeast Burger Dethrone Smashburger | SMASHED BURGER WAR!"; got nothing; note that I don't have a tag for this entire phrase however I do have tag for "Double Classic...
  8. Jason Song

    YouTube Question Keyword algorithm changes?

    Thanks - By the way I created the other post because I didn't want to hijack this thread with my question. But since you took it down I'll comment/ask here. I do agree with your informed speculation - it makes sense to me and I was thinking the same, hence I include both misspelled and...
  9. Jason Song

    Video Review Long and detailed videos feedback (in this case, Copyright Law)

    You have good content but I think there could be improvements. Here's my honest review. - It's too early into the video for you to plug your other channel; You're afraid people will stop watching so I would make it so that the meat of your video starts right away. - Your intro is too long and...
  10. Jason Song

    Answered Should I use misspelled tags and titles? Are they beneficial?

    When in keyword explorer I noticed that a misspelled phrase get's a higher score than the correctly spelled phrase. For example, "double clasic smash" gets a score of 66 while "double classic smash" gets a score of 57. So what do I do for tags and titles? Clearly this is saying the misspelled...
  11. Jason Song

    YouTube Question Keyword algorithm changes?

    Thanks for putting up the graphs - I'm a visual/analytical guy so this helps to understand what you're trying to convey. What do you think about putting commonly mis-spelled keyword phrases in as tags? For example if I put "double clasic smash" this comes out with a rating of "66 very good"...