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  1. Lidia S

    Need Advice How can I get my channel promoted high in search to increase view time and su scriber please?

    Optimize each video for SEO, see what keywords others are using that are in Search with your type of video, and use them for yours, but DO NOT copy them exactly. Find the ones that work for you and use them. Also, promote your Video on other platforms too. This way, you will get more views that...
  2. Lidia S

    Need Advice Are Tags worth the effort ?

    Yees!! Please use Tags. Even if they might not work for some video, why take the chance of losing by not adding them? But in my experience, Tags are what bring my videos to a whole after adding the Title and Description. I consider them to be as important and I never miss filling out those...
  3. Lidia S

    Need Advice Has anyone every used Google Ads?

    I'm all for Organic Growth. It is the most reliable.
  4. Lidia S

    Food So what's your favorite food?

    Shaorma all the day. It is basically a wrap with Chicken, Fries, Garlic Sauce with Sour Cream, Ketchup & Pickles. You can also add cabbage. It is - the best!
  5. Lidia S

    Opinion How was your week?

    Pretty good, but also with its ups and downs.
  6. Lidia S

    Life What are you looking to get accomplished this week?

    Film my YouTube Videos, work for Clients, and Relaxx. I need that.
  7. Lidia S

    Life What do you guys do for a living?!

    YouTube, Social Media Management & I sell Digital Products Online :)
  8. Lidia S

    YouTube Question How many hours a week do you generally spend on YouTube related tasks?

    Around 4-6 Hours per week if I only post three videos per week. I spend around one hour writing the scripts for all videos (30 mins before that researching the topics & creating the schedule), around one hour filming the videos, 30 mins editing each video & around 15 mins posting each video (SEO...
  9. Lidia S

    YouTube Question Create a new channel. How long before I should even care about YouTube analytics?

    I would say follow your analytics from as early as they show them to you. This way, you can see what you need to improve early on. Look at when your viewers are clicking off your videos and How many subscribe. This can be very helpful because you can adapt quickly, as you know what you need to...
  10. Lidia S

    YouTube Help My subscriber not increase

    The thing is, you don't need to find your subscribers, but instead let them find you! How? Optimize your Videos for SEO, Research Video Topics before deciding what to film & always create unique content & don't copy others. This is how you'll stand out, get views & ultimately grow your...
  11. Lidia S

    YouTube Question copyright free songs

    I use the YouTube Audio Library and it serves its purpose very well!
  12. Lidia S

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I started my Channel to help others with Social Media Strategies, but I would also be lying if I say I didn't plan or think about making a real income from it ;)
  13. Lidia S

    Gaming Channel Starting out helping my son with a gaming channel, but also starting my own channel helping others.

    Hello there! Lovely to meet you! As I am browsing through your Channel, I really love the Banner & Thumbnails! Your channel has real potential! But, If I can give you one piece of advice that would be to make your Channel name a bit easier to read and write. It can get very hard for people to...
  14. Lidia S

    Business Channel Learning How to Start and Grow an Online Business with Unique Social Media Strategies & More!

    User name: Lidia S Title of introduction: Learning How to Start and Grow an Online Business with Unique Social Media Strategies & More! Your name/ Alias: Lidia Where are you from? Romania How did you find TubeBuddy? Through a YouTuber, though I cannot remember which one it was. :) What made...
  15. Lidia S

    Thumbnail Feedback I'm fixing thumbnails on videos that aren't doing so great. Here is a before/after of some thumbnail work I just fixed up. How is it looking?

    I honestly think both are very eye-catching! The first one is expressing more movement, so it's still a really good thumbnail. What I love about the second one though are the colors that are shining through and the fact that they match so well together.