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  1. EnglishwithLiz

    Editing Software Which software best for editing .

    Looks like I'm a bit different from the rest of you. Started off with Filmora and stuck with it as I bought a lifetime license for $35! OK, I'm a cheapskate! but now use it in combination with Descript. IMO there are so many good bits of software out there now and the quality comes down to the...
  2. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question Paying Tax for UK Tubers on their revenue?

    I trade as self employed, so prepare accounts in the normal way. Google income is in £, so no conversion necessary and just deduct allowable expenses that are listed on HMRC website. Any specific Q's just ask, but it's really straightforward.
  3. EnglishwithLiz

    Answered Video not showing in Click Magnet - Advanced Analytics.

    One of my videos does not show up in Click Magnet - Advanced Analytics. It has 20.4M impressions, CTR 4.4% and 1.4M views, but does not show. Any ideas why??
  4. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Help Switching Editing Software

    Had my M1 iMac for a couple of months now and as I bought through the educational offer, I added the pro software bundle that included Final Cut Pro X. Up until then I had been using Filmora X, which is super easy to use and to be fair has been improving very quickly with new add ons/versions...
  5. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Opinion Best Video Capture Card

    I can only speak for the Sony one, which works really well. The A6400 can get quite warm, but did a 90 minute lesson for a school last week using it as a webcam and it stayed cool :)
  6. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Opinion Best Video Capture Card

    I also bought one of the cheap ones off Amazon, it runs a bit hot but works fine. However, why do you need it? Mine was just to connect my Sony A6400 to my Mac, but in the last couple of months Sony have released software allowing direct connection bypassing the card. I know that Cannon...
  7. EnglishwithLiz

    Video Research Experience with YT Shorts

    In a word, YES. They are fun to do and reach a much wider audience. My channel is only 9 months old in an ultra competitive niche but shorts have helped with one getting 13k views, which for me is good
  8. EnglishwithLiz

    Thumbnail Feedback My New Thumbnail Came Out Great.

    My thoughts..... The text would stand out more if it was more of a contrast to the background. Love the expression. Good luck with it.
  9. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Opinion What is your biggest STRENGTH as a creator?

    Being funny. Not so easy when you are teaching English as a 2nd language - was soooo simple in the classroom, but on camera aaarghhh!
  10. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Advice Going to Build a PC for Editing - Need Component Advice

    Thank you, a very useful post for me. I think the flexibility of a PC will in the long run serve me better. I just guess I will need to be patient on the GPU front. However as I do little 4k work and special effects, I am wondering should I build my PC and install a lesser GPU until a GTX3070...
  11. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Advice Going to Build a PC for Editing - Need Component Advice

    Three q's here. I want to build a PC for editing but being held up by the availability/price of GPU's here in the UK. Any ideas of when/if supply is going to improve? Also where is the best place to buy? Whilst waiting, as an alternative, I have been looking at getting a Mac Mini with 16GB of...
  12. EnglishwithLiz

    TubeBuddy Hello Again & #shorts

    I think that given your subscriber base, that strategy will work well for you, both for your subscribers and I guess ease of production. For us folk lower down the audience building hill, shorts are a great opportunity to be in front of a much bigger crowd, so any short must be attention...
  13. EnglishwithLiz

    Technology Channel DIY using a new idea or concept. Make daily life easier and happier. Share the experience and knowledge with you all.

    Thanks for the recommendation Henry I'll check it out as I could do with some fresh ideas :)
  14. EnglishwithLiz

    Technology Channel DIY using a new idea or concept. Make daily life easier and happier. Share the experience and knowledge with you all.

    Welcome Henry. Not sure 3D printers are my thing but I'll ask my husband to have a look. BTW I recognise some of the icons, are you using Filmora?
  15. EnglishwithLiz

    Need Advice How Do You Speak To The Camera?

    As others have said relax and be natural, there is no need to be perfect. The skill is to let your personality shine through. If you use a teleprompter, which for me on some of my complex teaching videos is necessary, that is a skill to try and be natural and spontaneous. I don't always get...
  16. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Advice Going to Build a PC for Editing - Need Component Advice

    Oooh interesting thread Benny as I am in the market to build a new editing PC although I am not interested in gaming, just pure speed of video editing. Whilst I cannot add anything useful to this thread, I just wanted to point out that I am sure there is a pent up demand for someone to produce...
  17. EnglishwithLiz

    TubeBuddy Hello Again & #shorts

    Hi I feel I should introduce myself again as due to ill health I have been away from the forum for several months. I have however kept producing videos and dabbling with #shorts, producing one very week and last week's has finally gained some traction with 12.7k views. Happy to discuss the...
  18. EnglishwithLiz

    YouTube Question what's everyone's biggest headache on Youtube?

    It's the switch from a physical classroom to YouTube. I am constantly trying different delivery techniques but testing them on YT is such an inexact science that judging the results is virtually impossible with such a small exposure. But hey, it is for the most part fun trying, so I think the...
  19. EnglishwithLiz

    Gear Advice Best inexpensive Lighting?

    Go on, you know you want to :D
  20. EnglishwithLiz

    Educational Channel I am a video editor, I do editing tutorials.

    Hi Banky I use Filmora 9 and do the editing with my other half. By our own admission, we are pretty rubbish at editing although learning all the time. So have subbed. Always happy to take on any suggestions you may have Liz :heart: