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  1. Iron Dundee

    Subscriber Milestone 100 subscribers

    I hit my 100 subscribers milestone today. The motovlog community. This community are amazing. So thank you.
  2. Iron Dundee

    Question How much time it will take to unlock promotion thread ?

    I'm the same said they would notify me but I am still waiting also.
  3. Iron Dundee

    Channel Milestone 500 views. Its a start.

    I think the only thing I can suggest is continue with the content improve your editing even if by 1% every time, and be consistent, the people will come. Your channel looks very interesting I am going to go have a watch my self.
  4. Iron Dundee

    Channel Milestone 500 views. Its a start.

    Thank you I sure am going to I love doing this.
  5. Iron Dundee

    Audio Gear Tascam DR 07

    Yes I watch a few now where people over dub. I don't know what it is but just never feels authentic. But might be work a try. Thanks mate
  6. Iron Dundee

    YouTube Question Losing subscribers

    In your settings you need to put your YouTube link into the section. But don't add all the www.youtube part. Just from the Capital U part
  7. Iron Dundee

    Audio Gear Tascam DR 07

    Good to know. I have the purple panda that fits perfect for the helmet. But I need to get a chin curtain. Or I heard sena is pretty good also.
  8. Iron Dundee

    YouTube Question Losing subscribers

    That is great advice thankyou I appreciate you taking the time out. I think for me was a goal to get to 100 but from what I have read and been responded to. I will just change my focus to my content and getting as much out there as possible. Thanks again
  9. Iron Dundee

    YouTube Question Losing subscribers

    I had noticed the subscribe button was red when I went to other channels I know I was subscribed to. Thank you heaps. For your information. Great to know.
  10. Iron Dundee

    Audio Gear Tascam DR 07

    I will definitely look at auto gain. I think you are right its mostly wind noise. I am using a purple panda mic so external. But that is some great information thank you. Slithw
  11. Iron Dundee

    Automotive Harley or Indian

    Oh the kwaka I have owned a couple Great bikes.
  12. Iron Dundee

    YouTube Question How many Videos need to be uploaded before?

    That is a great response thank you. I guess I was wondering as I live in Australia and majority of my Audience is America. So thought I would put it out there but that makes perfect sense. Thank you.
  13. Iron Dundee

    YouTube Question Losing subscribers

    You're right I am not worried about how many subscribe. I was wondering why it fluctuated. Which is due to YT removing bots etc. So thanks.
  14. Iron Dundee

    Editing Software Best screen recording software?

    I use FonePaw Screen Recorder, it is free, but you have a 3 min limit but no watermark. I recently took a screen record that went over 3 min. It will only save 3 min worth, but by starting from that point again stitching it together with a video editing tool was easy. To get full access it costs...
  15. Iron Dundee

    Vlog Channel Hi I'm Travis Alter

    G'day travis
  16. Iron Dundee

    Vlog Channel Aussie motovlogger

    Thank you,