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  1. malluarenagaming

    Channel Review What could I do to improve this channel?

    to increase CTR make a good title and thumbnail, to improve view duaration you can find ups and dips of viewers in analytics section of each video
  2. malluarenagaming

    TubeBuddy Tips Tags and description for YouTube shorts

    use hashtags ,, in my experience shorts without description and tag is getting more views ,, but don't forget hashtags
  3. malluarenagaming

    YouTube Tips Are Shorts a Channel Killer?

    by my experience you should not post shorts on main channel , I used to manage a channel for my friend and he did gaming live streaming , and got 40K subscribers , and he tried to make shorts on main channel and after a month or so his live watch dramatically decreased. His channel was audience...
  4. malluarenagaming

    YouTube Tips Consistent uploads

    youtube need very active creators , i seen many big channels go to 0 views because they didn't follow the consistency
  5. malluarenagaming

    Need Advice How often should I post a video?

    I do gaming videos every day and my gaming video does not need much editing , so I try to post video every day ,, and in my second channel i do 3-4 videos per week , its also very effective
  6. malluarenagaming

    YouTube Help Captions added aren't publishing

    maybe its in syncing process
  7. malluarenagaming

    YouTube Help One of my video Getting abnormal likes and views ,100 views and 121 likes

    I started uploading video since last week , and got 10-12 views per video this week , but suddenly last day i got 100 views and 121 like on latest video ,I think someone tested bot on my video , I am worried if it affect my channel , does youtube take down channel for that ? I am worried about it