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  1. Nanonium

    YouTube Tips To Help Youtubers

    Hello, there are small Youtube channels that make videos but don't have an audience...thus I figured, why not create a small group to give each other genuine feedback and watch everyone else's videos to help them improve, this is a group not to self-promote, but to improve content and get actual...
  2. Nanonium

    Need Advice Subtitles and Closed Caption

    I don't have much time on my hands to be putting the exact words I am saying in a video, would it be a good idea to put youtube's one, even if it's a bit off sometimes, it would be something
  3. Nanonium

    GFX Request Profile Picture Request

    Request Summary: An animated person at a medium shot view. The character should be standing up and only show the neck and above. The person should be 3d, have brown skin, have glasses on, and have a hat on backward. The hat should be a red snapback with nothing on it. The shirt the animated...