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  1. GrantWilson

    TubeBuddy Does anyone of you got a video with yellow icon that gets recommended a lot?

    Hello, I had a couple of videos which were classified with the yellow icon. However, that means they are still valid for earning money in YouTube Premium. You may read about the rules here...
  2. GrantWilson

    Affiliate Question Posting from Youtube to Facebook

    Hello guys, I've never done it via the Yt2Fb tool. Mostly, I used the Kapwing Studio, when I needed to post my videos on my Facebook page, but it took too much time to edit each video. By the way, has anyone tried to use Tube2Gram for making your YT videos look like short promos? Just curious...
  3. GrantWilson

    YouTube News How do you add links to your channel?

    Hello Paul, I did just like you said. Everything was saved. But later I created a Facebook Page and wanted to add it as well. It wasn't saved though. I got an error about duplicate social media accounts. How can I save both: my profile and my page? Thanks. Grant