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  1. Ater

    YouTube Opinion Under the new FTC mandated regulations, based on my interests, will I need to give up being a Gaming YouTuber?

    I'm no expert but I believe it will have an effect on how your videos and your channel are presented. Lets say you are making Super Mario videos, they are cartoony you use a language and a humor in your video that are clearly meant for young children and your analytics show that most of your...
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    YouTube Opinion Time for a YouTube Rating System?

    I think it's a good idea.
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    Official Member of the Month November 2019!

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    YouTube Question How can i get more SUBSCRIBERS and viewers?

    That's a really good advice, I have done that my self with very good results in the past. I actually need to be doing that more than I have lately.
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    Need Advice Standing out in the Gaming Niche...

    No I'm not saying don't ever play anything popular, now you are just putting words in my mouth. It's you channel you should do whatever you love. This was a pure answer to the question about the gaming niche and how to find topics that haven't been covered to death. The more popular the game is...
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    Need Advice Standing out in the Gaming Niche...

    The gaming niche may not be small enough, you might need to find a niche within a niche within a nice. That's kind of the route I'm taking for my small gaming channel. I started out doing content for a huge and very popular game. Clearly I had no chance in competing against thousands of other...
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    YouTube SEO Discovery

    Hard work and dedication, to most people YouTube will be a marathon not a sprint. 99.9% will not be discovered in a week and get a lot of subs in their first month. Fast on YouTube 2019 is usually many months if not years of hard work. Try to make every new video better than the previous one...
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    YouTube Question How can i get more SUBSCRIBERS and viewers?

    Hard work and dedication. To most of us YouTube will be a marathon, not a sprint. Always try to improve and make your next video better than your previous one. You only have 9 videos on your channel, that's nothing, imagine when you have 90 or 900 or even 9000, how good they will be if you keep...
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    YouTube Opinion Gaming culture on YouTube is changing... not for the Better.

    I tought subs for subs was a thing of the past. I have a gaming channel and I belive I gotten lessen then 5 subs for subs comments during the last two years combined.
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    YouTube Tips The Road To The Silver Play Button

    Well done, congratulations!
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    YouTube News Watch time percentage

    You can use this information to try to improve your videos. You can go to the analytics for a specific video, then you will find a audience retention graph for that video which allows you to see when your viewers drop of. Let's say you have a audience retention of 30% and it shows bigger drops...
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    TubeBuddy What's your biggest struggle on YouTube?

    I have three big struggles: I do two types of content on my channel. Content A and content B. I enjoy doing both types but I would prefer do focus on content A and just do content B every now and then when I have the time and the feel for it (content B is a lot more time consuming and I rarely...
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    Channel Banner Feedback Can you tell what my channel is about?

    Looks good and professional. I kind of agree to the expertise feedback you got from Razz.
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    Forum News Member of the Month May 2019

    Wow thank you! And thanks to every one else who are active at this fantastic forum.
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    Life How do you stay positive?

    You need to remember that to most of us YouTube will be a marathon, not a sprint. If you do it because you enjoy it you will stay positive and growth will just be a bonus. If you are not having fun creating content don't do it! Always try to improve and make your new video better than your last...
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    YouTube News How To Get 1000 Real Subscriber YouTube ?

    Everything is posible, it's your channel, experiment with it. If what you are doing right now is not working there is nothing wrong with trying something else.
  17. Ater

    YouTube News How To Get 1000 Real Subscriber YouTube ?

    You can always upload content for different niches, it's your channel you can do what you want with it and the most important aspect is that you are having fun, if you are not having fun it's not worth it. But for channel growth sticking to a niche or two is usually (there are always...
  18. Ater

    YouTube News How To Get 1000 Real Subscriber YouTube ?

    Hard work and dedication. For most of us YouTube will be a marathon, not a sprint. Create a lot of content and always try to improve compare to your last video, better quality, better editing, better storytelling etc. Find a less crowded niche where people actually can find your videos, it's...
  19. Ater

    Need Advice Any one got this problem on Youtube Analytics ?

    Now I'm not Tim but YouTube dosn't pay per view, they your should check per monetized playback (you find that under Earn revenue). If you have a lot of viewers who use add block for example that can have a huge effect. Myself had about 80K views in the last 28 days, but only 33K monetized...