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  1. People's Bookkeeper

    Subscriber Milestone Just Hit 2K!

    Thank you so much my friend!!
  2. People's Bookkeeper

    Subscriber Milestone Just Hit 2K!

    Just wanted to share that I passed 2K subscribers yesterday! When I began 4 months ago I never imagined I'd hit 2K in that time. My goal was to get to like 200 by the end of the year haha! I have an incredible community and Andrew/TubeBuddy have been super helpful! Andrew I took your advice...
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    Subscriber Milestone I'm growing at a scary rate :)

    Woohoo! That's awesome my friend! Congrats so far, you'll hit your 100 for sure! Proud of you!
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    YouTube Question Do other creators use other platforms to promote their channels?

    Hey my friend! I use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (sometimes because I really suck at instagram) and Linked-In! I also have built great friendships with a lot of my subscribers so I quite often get tweets, shout-outs and shares from them (I never ask for them though). People will do that for you...
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    Gaming Channel Hey guys I am Aryan

    Welcome to the forums my friend! Nice to meet ya!
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    Lifestyle Channel Introducing my cleaning/lifestyle channel

    Welcome to the forums Alyson! So nice to meet you!
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    Educational Channel If YOU are reading, I'm looking forward to your reply

    Welcome my friend! So nice to meet you and thanks for sharing your details!
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    TubeBuddy News Interviewing Creator Insider about The New YouTube Studio Beta and What will happen to classic!

    My question Andrew for you to ask Tom: When will the data in analytics be fully updated? For example, I have had data for months showing the exact same thing with no updates of any kind. I have a subscriber that has commented on every single video of mine, but it shows he watched 1 time for like...
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    New vid with shout-out for our boy Andrew Kan!

    LOL it's all good Andrew!! I just saw my MOTM a few moments ago, was sick last week with my son so I wasn't on much lol.
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    Forum News Member of the Month October 2019!

    Thanks Ikerot! Appreciate that so much my friend!
  11. People's Bookkeeper

    Forum News Member of the Month October 2019!

    Wow I am super honoured guys! I can't thank you enough, this was an amazing surprise! I am late lol, I was sick last week along with my son so it was challenging haha! TubeBuddy Rocks! Thanks Andrew, you are awesome!
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    Vlog Channel Inspiring to create more

    Welcome my friend! Great answers and it's nice to meet you!
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    Entertainment Channel fun video

    Hey my friend! Welcome to the TubeBuddy forums! There's tons to do here and many great people to learn from and get to know! Glad to have you :)
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    Gaming Channel Hello everyone i am glad to meet you all i am a gamer

    Nice to meet you my friend! Welcome to the forums, you are in good company!
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    TubeBuddy Tips Are you a small channel that wants to earn revenue?

    This is beautifully written with so many great suggestions Shawn! Thanks for taking a while to write some amazingly helpful items for people wondering about how to earn some income! Truly appreciate you doing that my friend!
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    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy's 250k Giveaway!!

    I suck at instagram Andrew, I don't even know how to tag people lol............not my forte haha!
  17. People's Bookkeeper

    TubeBuddy News TubeBuddy's 250k Giveaway!!

    What a great giveaway contest! Should be a lot of fun to see who wins!
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    Thumbnail Feedback Youtube Banner

    I use Canva my friend, you can actually find the exact size and choose from the template list. Then it's a case of adding in your styles, words, pictures etc, it's fairly easy and Canva rocks! There's lots of great tutorials to show you how to use it in case you haven't yet! Also, it's FREE!!!
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    Lifestyle Channel A shy newbie here!

    Welcome to the forums my friend! So nice to meet you!
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    Entertainment Channel Car reviews car meet and my car builds

    Hey and welcome to the forums! So nice to meet you!