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  1. Tiktokchanz

    How To Get More Watch Time on YouTube

    Nice tips, I have actually tried all of these, just need to post more videos and hoping one of it will get viral
  2. Tiktokchanz

    YouTube Question Do other creators use other platforms to promote their channels?

    I use Reddit, IG, Pinterest, FB groups and 3 other forums (including this forum) to promote my YT channel I do use other platforms to increase the number of views, comments, likes, subscribers and watch time but won't tell here ...
  3. Tiktokchanz

    Community Where can I get FREE art for my YouTube videos?

    You can try Hope that helps!
  4. Tiktokchanz

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Tik Tok Japan | Tiktok Japan Compilation Videos Part 5 View:
  5. Tiktokchanz

    Channel Milestone 400,000 YouTube Views!

    Wooow congrats for the awesome achievement!
  6. Tiktokchanz

    VFX Request Subscribe animation

    You can try any of these three using Adobe After Effect: View: View: View:
  7. Tiktokchanz

    YouTube Help Will making public videos private damage my channel performance?

    Wow you seem to have good engagement rate for your videos and that is a good thing you should be proud of
  8. Tiktokchanz

    Community What do you use to create your YouTube Thumbnails?

    Since I'm a UI/Graphic Designer, so I use Photoshop most of the time to create appealing thumbnails for my contents.
  9. Tiktokchanz

    Need Advice Don’t do Sub for Sub

    Sub 4 Sub is bad because no one is actually going to watch your videos if they don't have any interested at all in your contents. I prefer quality over quantity. When you have good quality in your content, your audience numbers will be increased. So focus on your quality and try to drive traffic...
  10. Tiktokchanz

    TubeBuddy Tips Are you a small channel that wants to earn revenue?

    Some great ideas here, thank you so much!