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    Gear Question Macbook air 2020

    Is the macbook air 2020 good for video editing? or is another one better
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Playlist SEO

    Thank you, so tubebuddy's seo studio can help my playlists?
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    YouTube Question Changing thumbnails of old videos

    You definitely should test thumbnails
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    YouTube Opinion Would you risk changing your channel name?

    You should just leave your name and don't worry about it too much
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    YouTube Question How do I reach a bigger audience?

    On average it takes around a year, but if you a good, focused and upload more, then it'll be faster.
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    YouTube Help Audience Retention % shown wrong .. Has anyone faced such issue ?

    No, try reloading your page or report it to youtube
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    Editing Software Has anyone used VlogEasy?

    What is that?
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    Need Advice Has anyone noticed any benefits in terms of traffic when adding background music?

    I think people should as big youtubers add background music.
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    YouTube Help Negative comments

    You can delete them, report them, block them, ignore them or reply in a polite and sorry manner.
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    YouTube Question Was YouTube a lot easier in the past?

    Was YouTube a lot easier in the past?
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    YouTube Question Ranked Playlist

    Thanks but how do you make a playlist thumbnail?
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    Need Advice Ok I give up

    I feel the same correct!
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Playlist SEO

    Tubebuddy should have seo for playlist to get playlists ranked
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    YouTube Question How many videos until I get noticed

    thx Thanks Thanks, my niche is tiny Thanks, I was really fustrated when nothing happened with 30+ videos nice! ok Thanks
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    YouTube Question YouTube Shorts

    Thanks for the advice
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    What camera do you use for your videos?

    I am poor so I just use a phone. That is all I have.