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    Need Advice Should I make a shorts channel?

    Since my channel just started in late January I need the exposure. In the future I want to post videos about the game I'm making. However, I've had little time to work on the game because of the game walkthroughs I was doing for Youtube. So right now I think a shorts channel for exposure might...
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    Need Advice Should I make a shorts channel?

    Thanks! I took out my long videos and turned the cat ones into shorts! I actually think they're cuter that way!
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    Need Advice Should I make a shorts channel?

    I posted a short 3 days ago but Youtubers were having trouble with the app. Now it shot up to 41 views in 3 hours! So, should I make a channel just for shorts? I started in last week of January.
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    YouTube Tips 'Made for Kids' versus 'Not Made for Kids'.

    I found out Made For Kids won't allow the mini screen. I love that feature and even though my videos are kid friendly, I got more views when I clicked not made for kids probably because of that. I would say try both and see which gives you more views.
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    Who Can Post Last?

    For now I'm last.
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    Answered Can't change avatar

    Hi, I can't seem to change my avatar. I click on the edit and it says it can't find any apps to use. I have a few apps on my tablet: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketchbook, InShot.
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    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    After being on Food Stamps since my husband died I decided to start a channel not just about my beautiful Ragamuffin Buddy (Cleo was her name before but she prefers Buddy), but also about a video game I'm developing based on her. I will also talk and post walkthroughs about the video games I'm...
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    Let's count to 10,000 :D

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    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Is there an app for YouTube thumbnails or is it best to use the Desktop version? I have a tablet I like to use for YouTube. I often use my computer for gaming and game development.
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