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  1. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Related Videos

    I am putting together a new YouTube channel where I will be referencing older videos in the description. I then thought to myself: why doesn't TubeBuddy have a Related video option? I envision a side-box that you click to get a pop-up of other videos from your library that closely match. I can...
  2. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion 1080 Thumbnail

    It would be great if there was a way for me to edit the thumbnail, then download a 1080 version as the 720 version gets uploaded to YouTube. Right now I can only download a 720 version when the last box appears. But moreover, IMHO - I really wouldn't respond to a suggestion with "Use another...
  3. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion 1080 Thumbnail

    When I create a thumbnail for the show, if I download it, the thumbnail is 1280x720. The live streams are in 1080p and I would like the thumbnails to also have a 1920x1080 resolution. Is that a limitation of YouTube, or is there a way to bump up the image capture to 1080 or better?
  4. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Tips Long or short intros?

    If you want to do something fun like the Simpson's intro (where bits and pieces change every time), then a longer intro could be a great social experiment. Otherwise, I would keep it short. Also, make sure you have chapter markers in your video so people can skip the intro.
  5. Jeffrey Powers

    Gear Advice Going to Build a PC for Editing - Need Component Advice

    Ryzen 5 3600 Processor Consider Ryzen 7 instead. Not much more for more cores Asus ROG Strix B450-F Gaming Motherboard Consider the B450-F II Motherboard with dual M.2 slots G.Skill 3200mhz / 32 GB DDR4 Lian Li White ATX Glass Case PowerSpec 650W PSU Inland 512GB NVME SSD - I'd go Samsung 970...
  6. Jeffrey Powers

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback for my thumbnail

    - Text is too small, and blending into the photo. When you make a thumbnail, resize it to see what it looks like in the smallest form. That is what people will see. - Neon stroke on Black is not helping me see the text. - Cursive is a dying style. They don't teach it anymore in some areas. It...
  7. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Question Watching Hours

    There is a holiday ramp-up, especially if you have a review or how-to video. The numbers start reeling back at the beginning of the week, and could ramp up a little (for how to videos) after Christmas. But I don't know what you do for video, nor if you are talking a specific video, or your...
  8. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Opinion Update Your Old Videos Day

    If you want more subs, more views, more likes, then sometimes it's all about straightening up what you already have out there. Yesterday, I saw a video I posted last year jump up in analytics (mostly due to holiday shopping). I went to that video, and found it to be vastly outdated in SEO...
  9. Jeffrey Powers

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Parler

    I'm already seeing a malware and phishing problem on Parler. I don't see them countering it at all. Their major hashtags are riddled with "Want to see my nude pix?" posts. I don't trust this Social Network.
  10. Jeffrey Powers

    Need Advice Restarting a dead channel?

    Your top video is "Plants vs. Zombies". Make a PvZ COVID style, or PvZ in 2020. It has the same tags, and description, so when someone sees a old video, they'll notice a newer one in the suggestions.
  11. Jeffrey Powers

    Need Advice Restarting a dead channel?

    Your channel looks good at this point. 6K subs is nice, but it could be a lot of dead accounts, so use it as a badge, but don't play to it. Looking at your stats, you do have people passing through your channel. I would find the top couple videos, and make updates to them. That way, their...
  12. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Question Should you plug your twitch url in youtube video descriptions?

    As long as you have a good description, tags, hashtags, and the one link to Twitch, you're fine. Feed the infrastructure, first. Promote the socials. Keep the external links under 15, and you're fine.
  13. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube SEO Why does adding a new tag change the Rank of an existing tag?

    Not sure what you want me to show. Hashtags should work a lot like tags - use your description and title to form key search terms. If you're a YT on cars, and the topic is Mustang, you should have #Mustang for a hashtag. Otherwise, watch this video:
  14. Jeffrey Powers

    Affiliate Question Give a 30-DAY FREE TRIAL to your Audience, that includes your AFFILIATE LINK

    @RobBalasabas - is that a temporary, or permanent URL option? If perm, I'll be using the REPLACE tool in YouTube to change all my videos... ;)
  15. Jeffrey Powers

    There should be features of hours too

    Google Analytics has a lot of great stats. You just have to drill down to them. Tubebuddy really doesn't have to recreate that wheel.
  16. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube SEO Why does adding a new tag change the Rank of an existing tag?

    That is the best way to do tags. Keep in mind - you can also do hashtags in the description. Keep those to 1-2 words and 4-5 hashtags to increase SEO.
  17. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube SEO Why does adding a new tag change the Rank of an existing tag?

    Rankings on tags change a lot. That's part of the algorithm. The simplistic explanation: If you have two videos, one with the tag "Here", and the other with two tags "Here" and "There", your "Here" tag will rank higher than "There". Take out the "Here", and the two tags rank pretty much the...
  18. Jeffrey Powers

    YouTube Question How to get video promoted by YouTube

    Need to clarify one thing: Youtube promotes all videos that have been cleared out by their system (for hate, copyright, etc). They don't stop promoting your video. You need to do some promotion, too. Get your videos watched and talked about on someone's popular blog, and you'll see what I mean...