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    Gaming What is your favorite type of video games?

    The Elder Scrolls, open world, mmorpg
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    YouTube Question What is Average Duration for Your Watchtime?

    I'm not sure where you get that time frame from. I have several videos that are 45 minutes or more. Unless you are looking at my #shorts videos. I only have 3 of those. I make tutorials on how to crochet amigurumi, they can be over an hour at times.
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    YouTube Question What is Average Duration for Your Watchtime?

    45 to 50 minutes. I make tutorial videos.
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    YouTube Help Thinking of quitting

    We are all going to hit a rough patch. I have several times, but it's been front and center that this is a lot harder than it appears. The ones that keep trying and adjusting are the ones that make it. You can make it too. It's hard, but that's what makes success feel even better.
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    YouTube Question What type of channel did you start!

    My channel is about amigurumi. It covers tutorials, book reviews and unboxings. My advice is for people who are wanting to make tutorial videos, pace yourself. Sitting for hours trying to explain something when there's no one there can be exhausting. Break up your recordings and take...
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    Entertainment Channel I AM MY PASSION

    Hello and welcome!
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    Community Thumbnail choices

    I changed all of mine to a similar layout and it has definitely had a positive effect.
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    Channel Banner Feedback Please give some feedback on my new banner :)

    I think it looks great! I love the colors and the cats are adorable!
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    Entertainment Channel MR-RUSH STUDIOS

    Hello and welcome!
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    YouTube Question View increase for no reason

    I have a video that's 3 months old and last night picked up 236 views. In the last few days my views have jumped up on quite a few videos for no reason. I'm still under 30 videos and they're not the best of content, so I know it's not my great videos bringing people in. My views counts are...
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    Thumbnail Feedback Asking for an advise with our thumbnails

    Clear text but the background is too busy. It's a lot to take in for a thumbnail.
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    Video Review My First Very Own Avocado Channel Intro!

    After watching, I feel I have a clear understanding of the channels content. I think the video is great!
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    TubeBuddy 300 subs smashed‼️

    Congratulations! You are doing awesome!
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    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail

    Canva is really popular and thr free version has worked well for me.