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    Answered Tubebuddy Search Volume Questions

    So I used the search term "Forza Horizon 5" in both Tubebuddy and VidIQ. Tubebuddy is showing 60K monthly search volume while VidIQ is showing over 2 million. Forza is a huge franchise and I'm 100% sure the actual search volume number is way closer to VidIQ's 2M results than Tubebuddy's 60K...
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    Other YT Premium

    Why would it do that? YouTube Premium is for users who want to receive no ads and access to premium content. It doesn't push or help your own content in way whatsoever.
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    Video Review Storytelling Channel

    Use a different typeface (preferably san serif). Impact, roboto would be a great choice for both channel logo/thumbnail text.
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    Thumbnail Feedback Youtube Thumbnail

    If you want proper customization, use Photoshop but it'd be hard and more time-consuming. You can use canva or adobe express to find out the templates as they have really good professional ones.
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    YouTube Question Shorts

    I've found the same thing through testing. If you shorts are hurting your channel then you need to rethink you strategy instead of blaming it on the format of the video.
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    YouTube Question Explain watch h numbers to me please

    In my case, it's showing the wrong number as well which hasn't been update for weeks now (even tho its below monetization threshold after the update).
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    Answered Video stats does not load, it just keeps buffering

    Thank you. Hopefully it will be fixed soon as it keeps loading but never fully loads on all future videos that I open as well and it just takes a lot of extra space.
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    Answered Video stats does not load, it just keeps buffering

    It just got fixed for me but now only channelytics are working but videolytics keep loading infinitely.
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    Answered Issue with Channelytics Not Loading Correctly

    The channelytics is low loading fine on both video page and channel page and the issue has been resolved. Thank you
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    Answered Issue with Channelytics Not Loading Correctly

    Thank you for the update. I appreciate your hardwork and will be waiting for a proper fix.
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    Answered Issue with Channelytics Not Loading Correctly

    Do we have any kind of timeframe that we can expect channelytics to get fixed/patched since its already been a month now and I really believe with a big brand like tubebuddy it's really not a good look to have something broken/not working for that long without any fix or timeframe on which we...
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    TubeBuddy Channelytics stopped working with new Youtube UI

    Kindly update the extension as with the new Youtube UI (which looks horrendous to say the least), the Channelytics has completely stopped working
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    Gaming Favorite Mobile Games

    I used to love clash royale on mob
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    YouTube Help Can YOU help me solve a MYSTERY?

    Unlucky. Well hopefully you find what you are looking for soon. Good luck
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    YouTube Help Can YOU help me solve a MYSTERY?

    Unfortunately but I have never heard of it but if you want I can translate the hindi/urdu/punjabi videos for you as its my native language.
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    TubeBuddy Suggestion Tubebuddy User Interface Update

    I think I speak for many when I say that tubebuddy's UI is not that great to look at specially in 2023 along with other technical issues like same UI element repeating multiple times on screen or covering other buttons due to Youtube updated layout. Is there any major UI updates are in plan...