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  1. mrinal90

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    Thank you for your feedback
  2. mrinal90

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    Would you watch the video based on the thumbnail?
  3. mrinal90

    This video got me new subscribers

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwWP2mJ6Fr4
  4. mrinal90

    A healthy delicacy from the northeast part of India

    An alkali based delicacy from the state of Assam, called khar. It has many health benefits, specially it is good for our stomach Enjoy the video View: https://youtu.be/kcM2w8vAFpI
  5. mrinal90

    Channel Milestone another milestone achieved

    total views 4000
  6. mrinal90

    Handmade Friendship day card idea

    Beautiful card
  7. mrinal90

    How do you prepare Delicious onion fritters

  8. mrinal90

    herbal tea

    Thank you
  9. mrinal90

    Subscriber Milestone every steps count, 100 subscriber :)

    Thank you. and best of luck to you. Keep going
  10. mrinal90

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on my thumbnail

    I like all the thumbnails. Although in the second thumbnail provide some detail about the video
  11. mrinal90

    Question youtube studio classic

    How do I get YouTube studio classic? Is there any specific requirement?