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  1. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Tips Negative Feedback

    Negative feedback is actually great for new YouTubers and video makers due to the fact you can you use the bad feedback for criticism and keep striving
  2. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Tips YouTube analysis

    YouTube creator give you free tags for your niche
  3. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice How important is tags? Isnt it minimizing the search.

    Thank so much for this valuable information
  4. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Tips Please give me some tips to grow my channel

    Thumbnail, Amazing title, And consistency with basic content until you can develop your content
  5. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Tips Long Tail Keywords always Better??

    The title and Thumbnail are the major keys now for YouTube creators
  6. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Tips Best time to post?

    Mon - Fri from 7am - 11am works the best for us due to the fact as you get your morning started just post a video or two and finish your daily activities then check your YouTube creator analyst
  7. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice How to find tags

    How to find the best quality and trending tags for your niche?
  8. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice Increase subscribers and views

    The more quality videos the better
  9. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice How to use tiktok and Instagram for YouTube promotion

    Thanks for the great response I also was thinking the same way just use Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn also Reddit are the best ones
  10. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice How to use tiktok and Instagram for YouTube promotion

    What’s the best tactics for tiktok and Instagram to promote your vids
  11. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice Who do u guys tell about your channels?

    I use my SEO tactics to find organic traffic
  12. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Question How much do your dislikes hurt your channel?

    Thanks this was the answer I was looking for
  13. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Question Why do organic views just stop

    Yes the video stop getting engagement completely than out of nowhere regain all types of engagements
  14. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Question Why do organic views just stop

    Why do organic views just stop and start to come back after a couple days?
  15. FreeBtcTap

    YouTube Help Can a dislike hurt your channel ?

    Will a dislike hurt your channel with YouTube algorithms?
  16. FreeBtcTap

    Need Advice Our impressions and click rates suck! What do we do?

    Tags and make sure you use full seo strategy
  17. FreeBtcTap

    Technology Channel Hi, I am VishalP from Millennium Tech HD.

    Hello you go find some great tools here to help you with your YouTube
  18. FreeBtcTap

    Entertainment Channel Hello, First Time Here

    I hope you best of luck on your way to 10k subs