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  1. onetiggerroo

    Video Research How to make sure your video content is unique?

    I think your personality will either sell your vid's or not. Quality video content is what I am trying to achieve.
  2. onetiggerroo

    Official How To Get More Views and Subscribers

    Thanks for posting this. I will take this into consideration to try to improve in areas I am weak in.
  3. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Help Is This Normal? How can I boost my subscribers

    It's a real struggle. I gain and loose subs. Not sure of youtube is removing some for violations. But, I just keep putting new content out. We will get more viewers than subs I do think. That would be normal. Getting them hooked and commenting is one of my goals.
  4. onetiggerroo

    Need Advice Videos or streams on a new channel?

    I have yet to do a live stream. I think video content is the way to go, to draw an audience.
  5. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Question YouTube videos

    I'm starting to do some shorts on specific days, that I normally do not post a video. I try to keep all my videos under 20 minutes. Most people loose interest after about 15 minutes or so. It's ok to sprinkle a few longer vid's in for good measure.
  6. onetiggerroo

    Need Advice Subscriber amount has stalled

    Have you tried doing shorts?
  7. onetiggerroo

    Need Advice Talking about subscriber goals

    I just include a outro, thanking them for subscribing.
  8. onetiggerroo

    How-To Channel Hi Everyone, I am a How to and Vlogger for Embroidery, Sewing and Quilting

    Hi! I love sewing, crochet, embroidery and quilting.
  9. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Opinion How Did You Decide What Videos To Make?

    I post videos that are about our life on a small, 1.5 acre homestead.
  10. onetiggerroo

    Entertainment Channel Walter maijers

    Hi Walter! I'm from the USA, and West Tennessee.
  11. onetiggerroo

    Life Let's talk about the weather

    It's 110 degree heat index today. Actual temp, was 96 F. It's really hot right now!
  12. onetiggerroo

    Lifestyle Channel The Hillbilly Chicken Ranch

    We also live on a small homestead in a double wide mobile home, are heading into our senior years, empty nesters, and I do cook all our meals. Most meals are from scratch. Always looking tips on making better video content.
  13. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Tips Are intros a waste in the video?

    I use intro's and so far they are grabbing my audience's attention. It is short and I introduce myself (for new subscribers) and give an introduction to what is happening in the video as well. I think music also plays an important part of grabbing attention.
  14. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Question How many hours do you spend on YouTube?

    It depends on whether or not I am loading a video. I do have a few choice channels that I watch. And that is between 1-3 hours a day, plus my uploads.
  15. onetiggerroo

    YouTube Question Best time to post

    I chose 5 pm central time, for my channel. Most people in the US are getting off work, so I thought this would be perfect for those ready to unwide with youtube content. So far, I am starting to see people show up to see the newest content.
  16. onetiggerroo

    How-To Channel im new

    Welcome Alison. I'm a newbie here too. Subscribed to your channel!