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  1. on a dark night

    YouTube Question How many subs do you think you can get by 2023

    Tricky one . I dont think many if any could really predict how many subs. I'm on 133 and 33 of those have subbed in the last 28 days or so . I did have around 30 in last year and thought if this carries on then I'll reach the 1000 target quicker than I thought but alas it stopped then until...
  2. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Soooo this just happened....

    Whilst I've not been monetized I did have an issue with the vagueness of what youtube considered to be an offending video. A video was taken off and I was warned about a video containing sexual content . I was absolutely baffled and went through the video with a fine tooth comb so I could...
  3. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Will we still need to worry about subscribers anymore?

    I must apologize once again! You're right, I dont know how I missed that. I'll blame it on tiredness as I only get 5-6 hours to myself including my sleep time (for various reasons) but still I should've clocked that. I thought it was doing better than I thought . This is going to be a long...
  4. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Will we still need to worry about subscribers anymore?

    I do apologise a typo on my behalf. I meant 4000 hours I'm around 100 hours short .
  5. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Will we still need to worry about subscribers anymore?

    This is a tricky one . I'm very close to the 4000 views which I'm confident I'll reach within the next week or three but gaining subs has been very tricky . There could be people who watch your channel without even subbing , I've been guilty of that too . There was a guy whose videos to do with...
  6. on a dark night

    YouTube Tips Are Shorts a Channel Killer?

    I made a short to include on my channel . Runtime is less than one minute but theres no option I can find to put it in a shorts category on youtube studio yet I see people have a YouTube shorts section on their channels. Somebody told me if you make a video under one minute it automatically...
  7. on a dark night

    YouTube Tips Are Shorts a Channel Killer?

    Cheers that's Cheers its definitely something I'm going to look into then . I did initially dismiss the shorts section (and put on pants instead as it was too cold to wear shorts outside... ok I'll give up on the puns now ) but I did notice there seemed to be a way to integrate them into the...
  8. on a dark night

    YouTube Tips Are Shorts a Channel Killer?

    Shorts is now something I'm considering too. My horror story vids are shortish in terms of what they're about (they dont exceed 20mins ) but they're simply not something I could do as a short . On my phone it only allows me to create a short of 15secs so I'm assuming that's the maximum...
  9. on a dark night

    Channel Review How Can I Improve?

    As some people have mentioned already your thumbnails could do with sprucing up . Its not as easy as it sounds and always a learning curve I think. I had and still have a similar problem with my horror story channel , I'd have a lot of text letting viewers know what stories were in the videos...
  10. on a dark night

    TubeBuddy how many times you post per week?

    I , like many others struggle for time so I made 20 vids to upload one a week and hopefully give me some time to make more . I've only got a few left after only being able to make two in the past two months! So for now it's still one a week and they're around the 15min mark on average.
  11. on a dark night

    YouTube SEO Non-fitting video recommendations - Do I have to split channels?

    One of my more popular videos was mostly watched via youtube recommendations to other watchers yet one of the channels 'recommending' it had no connection to my subject matter whatsoever. I make true scary story videos and some recommendations came via similar subject matter but one of the...
  12. on a dark night

    YouTube Question How much does a good thumbnail affect a video's performance?

    I've toyed around with my thumbnails and it's not as easy as it looks . I've had close to 200 views at time of writing on one of my true horror story vids in a short space of time and for my channel this is decent going off my average views. Although I cannot be 100% sure I think the thumbnail...
  13. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Uploading on Christmas Day

    I can understand your hesitancy to upload on Christmas day but this may actually benefit you . You state you're a craft/DIY channel and I'm sure there are many people going to be getting craft/ DIY gifts so they might be wanting to take a look at your channel on that particular day. I'd still...
  14. on a dark night

    YouTube Question Using Youtube views Exchange is good or bad

    Have a very merry christmas , I'm also from the UK too (there is one or two of us from the UK lurking about !)
  15. on a dark night

    Need Advice Not getting views even though I am getting Subscribes

    I found with a couple of videos I was getting views in the hundreds and one in particular resulted in my channel gaining around 65 new subs . Analytics stated a lot of views were due to it being recommended alongside another vid from another channel. Since then though I've seen barely any...
  16. on a dark night

    YouTube Question I just start make a channel in 17 NOV 2022 , and just have 11 subscribe and have 2 video, that a good progress or bad ?

    Bit of a tricky one . If you're going to upload one vid and one short every week I personally would have made some so they were ready .for backup. Your channel is quite unique I'm not sure what you're aiming for . I'm not a gardener or that interested in doing it but thats just me , I'm not...
  17. on a dark night

    Video Review Please review my true horror tales video , thank you.

    Thank you for your honest feedback. I appreciate it all when its also constructive like yours as it helps. In regards to the image of the 'vampire' image appearing that was just a little playful nod to the film the Excorcist where the same image appears quickly to implant it into your...
  18. on a dark night

    Video Review Please review my true horror tales video , thank you.

    Thank you Chief Eli I appreciate the positive feedback and it's pleasing to read that you enjoyed it. I'm glad I creeped you out (or at least the video did!) The vid is actually an old one too just with updated narration so it's good to know you still enjoyed as the aesthetics on the newer...
  19. on a dark night

    Video Review Please review my true horror tales video , thank you.

    User name: on a dark night Title of thread: Please review my true horror tales video , thank you. Self review: I upload true horror stories. My duration rate is low , I'd appreciate an honest review to see where I'm going wrong . Channel review or Video review? Video review Link to Video...
  20. on a dark night

    Video Review Reviewing the sound of my rain video for calming

    I found it very relaxing . When I find time to write I do like to have instrumental music on to try and create a mood depending on what im writing about. I would actually listen to this and it's something I could see people listening to while they let the world just drift on by for a time or...